C Sharp Promise

Promises library for C# for management of asynchronous operations.
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17 months ago31December 28, 202124mitC#
🦄 A Promise based REST and HTTP client for Unity 🎮
C Sharp Promise8801494 years ago31July 26, 201811mitC#
Promises library for C# for management of asynchronous operations.
4 years agomitC#
Svelto Tasks - C# promises compliant multi-threaded tasks runner
Unityfx.async12824 years ago2February 18, 2020mitC#
Asynchronous operations (promises) for Unity3d.
Protopromise11535 months ago15October 22, 20234mitC#
Robust and efficient library for management of asynchronous operations in C#/.Net.
Unity Promises28
3 years agomitC#
Promises provide a simpler alternative for executing, composing, and managing asynchronous operations when compared to traditional callback-based approaches. They also allow you to handle asynchronous errors using approaches that are similar to synchronous try/catch.
2 years agomitC#
Service locator (IoC Container), object factory, util classes and lots of services to ease the development of C# applications and games
3 years ago2mitC#
A solid C# promises framework with Unity package.
Javascript On Unity7
2 years agomitJavaScript
Provides to bind javascripts to Unity.
Idle Miner5
4 years agoC#
This is a simulation game with the raw UI. Primary purpose of this project was to implement an expandable code architecture.
Alternatives To C Sharp Promise
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