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Run Parallel and Serial Promises compliant tasks, even on other threads! Svelto.Tasks is platform agnostic and it runs on every c# platform. However several Unity dedicated schedulers have been written.

I would love to write some schedulers for other platforms, like MonoGame, but since I won't have the time to do so, I will need our help. If you can't figure out how to write a scheduler, I will need at least a working project that I can compile and run on Windows. Once new schedulers will be written, I will add them in the official repository.

main article:

If you want to test it out right away with some pre made examples, please don't download this repository, but instead use this one:

New Parallelism example:

How to clone the repository:

The folders Svelto.ECS, Svelto.Tasks and Svelto.Common, where present, are submodules pointing to the relative repositories. If you find them empty, you need to update them through the submodule command. Check some instructions here:

[Unity only] How to install it as a package

Svelto Framework is used to develop the following products:

Gamecraft Robocraft Infinity Cardlife

Note: Dear Svelto Users : Although I am committed to help you and write articles as much as I can, I will never be able to keep all the documentation up to date. If you are a happy svelto user and you want to contribute, please feel free to update the github wiki! 🙏👊

Copyright (c) Sebastiano Mandalà

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