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This branch is being updated at TheFuckingRat's Github Repository

The official branch (Charlatano) is located at Jire's GitHub Repository.

📝 Table of Contents

Beginner's guide video


Recommended to watch before continuing.


The first step is to compile the source code into a usable cheat program.

  • Download the latest updates (which includes the newest features) by downloading directly as a ZIP.
  • Extract the contents from the archive to any folder (to your desktop, for example).
  • Double click on the "installer" (installer.exe) script and wait for it to complete.

Once those steps are complete, the usable cheat program can be found within the build directory, and will be in a directory called RatPoison 1.7.

From within the RatPoison 1.7 directory, you can start the cheat by running the "Start RatPoison 1.7" script. If you have chosen to randomize the cheat name, you should open the file ending in .bat which should show BatFile as an icon.

You can launch the cheat at any time after launching CSGO.

Common issues

  • Overlay is black/doesn't go transparent/isn't showing up

    • The overlay only works on Windows 10, it doesn't turn transparent on W7
    • CSGO needs to be borderless/windowed for the overlay to show up on top of CS, otherwise it's just an app in your taskbar
    • JDK 1.8 is also known to cause this problem, make sure you have JDK 12 or later installed
  • Console is being spammed with GLFW errors

    • Usually a result of unsupported or misconfigured hardware
    • In some cases GLFW_PLATFORM_ERROR can be fixed by forcing dedicated GPU on java.exe process.
    • If RatPoison 1.6 worked fine for you but 1.7 spams OpenGL errors, try editing this line to useOpenGL3(true, 3, 2) and rebuild the cheat.
  • Game looks framey despite having normal FPS (example 144hz/144fps, but looks like 60)

    • Lowering opengl fps to 30 helps
    • Enabling gsync & disabling vsync if supported
  • Cheat is stuck at launching? Make sure you have checked all of those steps:

    • CS:GO is running

    • you are running currently most up-to-date version of RatPoison

    • you disabled all anti-cheat clients working on your computer

    • your RatPoison folder is placed somewhere with all running permissions

    • you don't use RatPoison with some other cheats running

    • you aren't currently running VAC bypass (running the bat file with administrator privileges should work)

    • you restarted your computer

      If nothing else works then you can try running the bat file as admin.

  • Map is unusually bright after joining the server/Nightmode does not work

    • Untick Disable Post Processing option in Misc tab
  • Backtrack does not seem to work, hit rate is awfully low

    • Unbind mouse1 in console, disable spotted only in backtrack settings or use triggerbot with shoot backtrack enabled.
  • Installer is detected by antivirus as a malicious program

    • False-positive, add the executable to exclusions or exclude the whole folder in your antivirus.


Open to pull requests

Credit to Mr. Noad, 2772/Matt, Eston, and Spravedlivo for a lot of help throughout this project

Recent update

  • Gradle 7.1.1 & Kotlin 1.5.21 support
  • Bumped dependencies
  • Updated to work with latest game update
  • Lowered default OpenGL requirement to 4.0

  • Added new operation skins
  • Fixed ESP showing wrong weapons due to a game update


  • Fixed nadehelper crashes
  • Hitsounds no longer randomly play in menu

1.7 Full Update

  • Important

    • Added backtrack
    • Fixed ForEntities loop not fully iterating, consistency should be improved for features in Aim & Visuals tabs
    • Added installer executable
      • Installer automatically downloads appropriate JDK, allows the cheat to be updated and built without any hassle
  • New

    • Added Helmet, Kevlar, Flashed, Scoped, Ammo and Money settings to Box ESP
    • Added locale options in menu, you can change menu language with premade localization files
    • Added glow and box health based options
    • Added flicker free glow
    • Added static fov option
    • Added draw aim fov, draw trigger fov, for static fov only
    • Added nightmode/fullbright option
    • Added aim on shot option, aimbot will only aim when your gun can shoot
    • Added gaussian blur option when menu is open
    • Added hold target aimbot options
    • Added force bone key + selector (to categories only)
    • Added keybinds window under options tab to display all keybinds, set to -1 to disable
    • Added entity dead and dormant check to prevent ghost footsteps
    • Added legit radar option, shows enemies making footstep noise within set distance
    • Added appless menu type
    • Added disable post processing option (does not work with nightmode)
    • Added far radar box, draws a box around enemies spotted by other players
    • Added head level helper, draws a line on your sight with customizable deadzone
    • Added smoke check to Glow, Box, Snaplines and Indicator
    • Added auto throwing to nade helper
    • Added temporary name change, resets after joining another server
    • Added stable RCS, applies to total aimpunch/recoil over time
  • Fixes

    • Triggerbot has been fixed
    • Fixed hitsound error when menu disabled, hitsound only available when using the menu
    • Fixed ranks tab layout
    • Fixed advanced aim settings error when using 0 X/Y Variation
    • Fixed automatic weapons shooting with cursor enabled (during buy menu)
    • Fixed nearest bone not working with menu disabled
    • Fixed cmd read/write files when menu is disabled
    • Fixed taser spamming SetAim failure with Override Weapons enabled
    • Fixed teammates are enemies not aimbotting friendly players
    • Fixed fast stop blocking movement on high latency servers
    • Fixed bomb timer and spectator list opacity sliders not updating after loading a config
  • Miscellaneous

    • Updated ranks tab, should work better & show all players
    • Reworked override settings
    • Minor adjustments to head walk and spectator list
    • Glow ESP is now one write per entity instead of multiple
    • Changed RANK names to abbreviations to prevent hiding elements
    • Perfect aim is now calculated per aim move rather than per target
    • Loading settings/configs should only load .txt or .cfg files respectively
    • Scanner can now save/load/delete configs, and display ranks/kills/deaths/wins
    • Changed default settings to look more legit
    • Fully disabled knife changer
    • Removed knife changer for now
    • Force aim bone should update properly on config change
    • Color Picker is now similar to most mainstream cheats, less ugly
    • Visuals toggle key should now disable bomb timer, spectator list, recoil crosshair
      • Bomb timer, spectator list, recoil crosshair require 'Enable ESP' to be checked in the visuals tab to work
    • Box details can be used without having the bounding box enabled
    • Removed flick scroll for now
    • M249 is now considered a rifle
    • Changed Flat Aim name to Write Angles on menu
    • Changed Path Aim name to Mouse Movement on menu
    • All ui elements are drawn on 1 stage using 1 input processor instead of 4
    • Cleaned up menu for better consistency across tabs
    • Skinchanger should forceupdate properly, should see less lag & faster activation when equipping new weapons
    • Skinchanger tab should now update with configs
    • Updated list of skins for skinchanger
    • Skinchanger will only update the local players bought weapons, not dropped weapons
    • Updated nade helper to work with menu disabled
    • Removed standalone autostrafer
    • Changed chams brightness slider to allow more precise adjustments
    • FOV sliders now allow float values
    • Changed step values of some sliders
    • Added more information in debug screen

Available Features

  • Menu (Windowed/Fullscreen Windowed only)

    • Appless: Menu shows as an app on the taskbar
  • Aimbot

    • Flat Aim: Write to view angles
    • Path aim: Mouse movement
    • Group aimbot settings (Pistol/Rifle/Sniper/Shotgun/SMG)
    • Individual aimbot settings (AK/M4/etc)
    • Aim bone, force bone, aim on shot, speed, FOV, strictness, smoothness
    • (non-silent) Perfect aim, customizable FOV and % chance to activate
    • Backtrack: Shoot enemies up to 200 ms back in time
  • RCS

    • RCS for all weapons, customizable X & Y accuracy
    • Types: Legacy and Stable
    • Customizable recoil crosshair, type/width/length/positioning/color
  • Visuals

    • Radar
      • Legit radar
    • Glow (Normal, Model, Visible, Visible Flicker)
      • Teammates, Enemies, Weapons, Grenades, Bomb, Bomb Carrier, Aimbot Target
    • clrRender chams
      • Teammates, Enemies, Self, Aimbot Target
    • Arrow indicators
      • Teammates, Enemies, Weapons, Grenades, Bomb, Bomb Carrier, Defusers
    • Box (Name, Health, Armor, Helmet, Kevlar, Weapon, Money, Ammo, Flashed, Scoped)
      • Teammates, Enemies, Defusers, Weapons
    • Skeleton
      • Teammates, Enemies
    • Snaplines
      • Teammates, Enemies, Weapons, Bomb, Bomb Carrier, Defuse Kits
    • Footsteps
      • Teammates, Enemies
    • Hitmarker
    • Nade tracer
    • FOV Changer
    • Skin Changer
    • Spread Circle
    • Head Level Helper
  • Bone Trigger

    • FOV, InCross
    • Customizable for each weapon category (Pistol/Rifle/Sniper/Shotgun/SMG)
    • Aimbot on activation
    • Optional trigger key
    • Initial shot delay
    • Between shots delay
    • Shoot at backtrack
  • Danger Zone compatible

  • Misc

    • Knife bot
    • Hitsounds
    • Bomb timer (Text Menu, Visual Bars)
    • Spectator list (Text Menu)
    • Optional sniper/scoped crosshair
    • Reduced flash
    • Bunny hop
    • Auto strafe
    • Fast stop
    • Last second bomb defusal
    • Door spam
    • Weapon spam
    • Nade helper
    • Self nade
    • Kill bind
    • Disable Post Processing
    • Temporary name change

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