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XPL: Unity引擎的高品质后处理库

X-PostProcessing Libray,简称XPL,是针对Unity引擎的高品质开源后处理库,旨在提供业界主流的高品质后处理特效的完整解决方案。目前已完美支持Unity Post-processing Stack v2,后续也将提供对Unity引擎URP/LWRP/HDRP的兼容支持。

X-PostProcessing Library (XPL) is a high quality post processing library for for Unity Post Processing Stack v2/LWRP/URP/HDRP

需要查看更多渲染效果图和每个特效的参数与属性,可以在下面的 目录 部分的具体后处理特效子页面中查看。

For more gallery , you can enter the specific post-processing effects sub-page in the Content section below.

1. 目录 | Content

More effects and LWRP/URP/HDRP version will arrive soon.

2. 安装 | Installation

有两种主要的安装X-PostProcessing Library的方法:

  • 【方法一】 克隆或下载此Repo,并直接使用Unity打开。建议可先从已设置好后处理的示例场景 Assets/Example/ExampleScene.unity 开始。

  • 【方法二】 将X-PostProcessing 文件夹放置在项目Assets路径下的任一位置,并确保Post Processing Stack v2也位于项目中。

You have two main ways to install X-PostProcessing Library :

  • [Method 1] Clone or download this repository , open with Unity Engine Editor and enjoy. It is recommended to start with the example scene Assets/Example/ExampleScene.unity .
  • [Method 2] Place the X-PostProcessing folder anywhere in your project, make sure that Post Processing Stack v2 is in the project as well, and enjoy.

3. 使用 | Usage

post processing profile 有各种不同的修改和添加方式,最常规的方法是,选中一个post processing profile ,在Inspetor窗口下:

  • Add effect... > X-PostProcessing > 选择一种新的后处理

The new effect should be available for a post processing profile with different injection points,just like:

  • Add effect... > X-PostProcessing > Choose an effect

4. 环境 | Environment

  • 建议使用Unity 2017.2+。

  • 如果使用的是较旧版本的Unity(5.6 或 2017.1),则需要将此文件夹 替换为 pps v2 2.1.8

  • Unity 2017.2+ is recommended.

  • if you use older versions of Unity (5.6 and 2017.1) , you need to replace this folder with pps v2 2.1.8.

5. 文章 | Blog Post

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