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Awesome Open Source

Introduction is a full C# rewrite of Ambermoon and will run at least on Windows, Linux and Mac.


Version 1.8.0 is the most recent version from 30-01-2023. It includes original version 1.17 and also Ambermoon Advanced 1.02.

You can also download the game on my website at!

Platform Download 1.8.0
Windows 64bit Link
Linux 64bit Link
Mac 64bit (Intel processor) Link
Mac 64bit (ARM processor, M1, M2, etc) Link
Windows 32bit Link

Problems? The FAQ might help.

Other platforms like Android, iOS or Raspberry Pi4 might follow later.

Build status

Amiga versions

If you are interested in the original Amiga game files you can find them here: I released some new versions and patches of the original game files there as well.

A completely new game extension was also released called Ambermoon Advanced. Check it out!

Additional Resources

Need help?

  • (English) New to Ambermoon? Please have a look here.
    If you have questions feel free to ask via email, on Twitter or here on GitHub on the issues page. Some more info follows below as well.
  • (German) Du kennst Ambermoon noch nicht? Schau bitte hier.
    Wenn du Fragen hast, meld dich einfach per Email, auf Twitter oder hier auf GitHub unter Issues. Weiter unten gibt es auch noch einige Infos.

Support the project

I appreciate all kind of support for this project. If you want to donate to help increase my motivation and allow me to spend more time developing this Ambermoon project and similar projects like a 3rd part of the trilogy or map and character editors, you can do so here. \

I will also post updates about releases and interesting stuff on twitter:


Indoor map World map

Skies 3D map

Battles Spells

Battle loot Battle positions

Chests Inventory

Merchant Healer

Conversations Events

Monsters Map effects

Rest Items

Locked doors Level Up

Game Over Riddlemouth

Fog of war Drug effect

Automap Minimap

Main menu Character creation

Version selector Options

Important controls

Please also have a look here.

Key Description
Up or W Move up (2D) or forward (3D)
Down or S Move down (2D) or backward (3D)
Left or A Move left (2D) or turn left (3D)
Right or D Move right (2D) or turn right (3D)
F11 Toggle fullscreen mode
ESC Close ingame windows, stop item dragging/specific cursors/etc
Num1-Num9 Action buttons 1-9 (button panel in the lower right corner)
1-6 Set party member 1-6 as active
F1-F6 Open inventory of party member 1-6
Ctrl + 0-9 Quicksave into save slot 1-10 (0 saves into slot 10)
PrintScreen or Ctrl + P Saves a screenshot to the folder "Screenshots" next to the program (or in config folder if you have no permissions to write there)

Left clicks

  • On portrait will select the party member as the active one.
  • Drag&drop of items.
  • On map center (Zzz) it will wait for 5 minutes.
  • All kinds of interactions and selections.

Right clicks

  • On portrait will open the inventory.
  • On buttons in map view will toggle between move arrows and actions.
  • In 2D map view will show a crosshair cursor which can be used for interactions. Or it aborts an already active action cursor.
  • In 3D map view:
    • On the corners (turn arrows) it will perform 90° or 180° rotations.
    • On the center (Zzz) it will trigger interactions with a nearby map object.
  • On item it will pickup all the items without asking for the amount.
  • When dragging an item it will reset the item back to its source slot.

Mouse wheel

  • Scrolling the wheel on 2D maps changes the cursor.
  • Clicking the wheel or middle mouse button on 2D maps will show the crosshair or mouth cursor.
  • If a scrollbar is present, it can be controlled by the mouse wheel as well.

Configuration can be configured ingame but also via a configuration file. See Configuration for more details.


You can find the full changelog here. You can also look at the releases. They have more details in general.

Custom music

You can use your own music with Ambermoon (e.g. the Atari music or the remixes from Matthias Steinwachs). For more details read here.
I also provide the Atari tracks here. Just extract the mp3 to a folder called "music" next to the main executable to enjoy the music. Note that not all tracks were converted to Atari so only 13 out of 32 tracks are available.

Special thanks

Special thanks to my top patreons and github sponsors:

  • Other Retro Matt
  • Lorenz P.
  • Stephan Mankie
  • JR_Riketz
  • Benjamin Ziebert
  • Mike Valtix
  • Thomas Ritschel
  • crediar
  • AMike
  • frostwork
  • soulsuckingjerk
  • Mahen
  • timbo t
  • Robin Mattheussen (@romatthe)
  • Teladi (@Levidega)
  • Sebberick
  • Kaspar

Special thanks to some special contributors and testers as well:

  • kermitfrog
  • a1exh (Alex Holland)
  • Metibor
  • Thallyrion
  • Uukrull
  • Nephilim
  • skdubg
  • crediar

Other projects

Checkout my already working 'SerfCity (Die Siedler) rewrite' at

I also created another github project called Ambermoon for providing resources and research the game data. Feel free to have a look or contribute.

And I work on a huge extension of Ambermoon called Ambermoon Advanced.

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