Pytorch Convis

A tool to visualize convolutional layer activations on an input image.
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3 days ago1apache-2.0
Techniques for deep learning with satellite & aerial imagery
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A tool to visualize convolutional, ReLU, and pooling layer activations on an input image. This is a PyTorch implementation of htoyryla's convis.

An output image from a single channel (left), and a layer heatmap (right):



After installing the dependencies, you'll need to run the following script to download the default VGG and NIN models:

python models/

You can also place or in your neural-style-pt directory, in order to more easily work with models and input images.

Usage: will create an output image for every channel in the specified layer:

python -input_image examples/inputs/tubingen.jpg -model_file models/vgg19-d01eb7cb.pth -layer conv2_2 -output_dir output will create a single output image composed of every channel in the specified layer:

python -input_image examples/inputs/tubingen.jpg -model_file models/vgg19-d01eb7cb.pth -layer relu4_2


  • -input_image: Path to the input image.
  • -image_size: Maximum side length (in pixels) of the generated image. Default is 512.
  • -layer: The target layer. Default is relu4_2
  • -pooling: The type of pooling layers to use; one of max or avg. Default is max.
  • -model_file: Path to the .pth file for the VGG or NIN model.
  • -output_image: Name of the output image. Default is out.png.
  • -output_dir: Name of the output image directory. Default is output.

The output files will be named like output/tubingen-conv3_2-69.png

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