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Awesome Open Source

Build Status License: MIT

Engraver - PoC2 plotter in Rust


  • windows, linux, unix & macOS
  • x86 32&64bit
  • direct and async i/o
  • SIMD support: sse2, avx, avx2, avx512f
  • gpu support
  • fastest plotter there is


  • new version of rust [stable toolchain]

Compile, test, ...

Binaries are in target/debug or target/release depending on optimization.

# build debug und run directly
cargo run [--features=opencl]

# build debug (unoptimized)
cargo build [--features=opencl]

# build release (optimized)
cargo build --release [--features=opencl]


engraver --help


  • JohnnyDeluxe: BURST-S338-R6VC-LTFA-2GC6G
    • shabal optimizations
    • windows support
  • bold: BURST-8V9Y-58B4-RVWP-8HQAV
    • architecture
    • linux support

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