Password manager app for Android
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14 hours ago633otherC++
KeePassXC is a cross-platform community-driven port of the Windows application “Keepass Password Safe”.
Personal Security Checklist12,891
3 days ago27other
🔒 A compiled checklist of 300+ tips for protecting digital security and privacy in 2023
15 months ago1May 22, 2017376otherJavaScript
Free cross-platform password manager compatible with KeePass
3 months ago279otherObjective-C
A native macOS KeePass client
Lesspass5,558119 days ago25January 02, 202355gpl-3.0JavaScript
:key: stateless open source password manager
Gopass5,445172 days ago150November 25, 202370mitGo
The slightly more awesome standard unix password manager for teams
a day ago1,014gpl-3.0Java
Password manager app for Android
a day ago55July 30, 202023agpl-3.0PHP
Passbolt CE Backend, a JSON API written with CakePHP
Buttercup Desktop4,102
18 hours ago116gpl-3.0TypeScript
:key: Cross-Platform Passwords & Secrets Vault
3 days ago366gpl-3.0Kotlin
Lightweight vault and password manager for Android, KeePassDX allows editing encrypted data in a single file in KeePass format and fill in the forms in a secure way.
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What is Keepass2Android?

Keepass2Android is a password manager app. It allows to store and retrieve passwords and other sensitive information in a file called "database". This database is secured with a so-called master password. The master password typically is a strong password and can be complemented with a second factor for additional security. The password database file can be synchronized across different devices. This works best using one of the built-in cloud storage options, but can also be performed with third-party apps. Keepass2Android is compatible with Keepass 1 and Keepass 2 on Windows and KeepassX on Linux.

Where to get it?

Regular stable releases of Keepass2Android are available on Google Play.

Beta-releases can be obtained by opting in to the Beta testing channel or Beta testing channel for Keepass2Android Offline.

How can I contribute?

How do I learn more?

Please see the documentation.

How do I build the project?

If you want to build Keepass2Android, check the build guide.

The project homepage is

build status Build status

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