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Elegant – an elegant theme for Pelican

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Elegant is a theme for the static site generator Pelican.

It offers several unique features like search, live filter, collapsible comments, Mailchimp, custom 404 page, and many more.

It is a minimal, and stylish theme that looks amazing across all screen resolutions and devices.

Live Demo

Visit to see theme in action, which is also home to the documentation.


License: CC BY 4.0

Elegant is the only Pelican theme that offers comprehensive documentation.

The documentation can be viewed at Its source code is in documentation folder of this repository.

How to contribute

Developing Elegant is a community effort. You are invited to help develop it further.

Feel free to fork the repository, and submit pull requests.

If you find any issues, or have a suggestion, then please open an issue.


Elegant is released under the MIT License. See file for a list of contributors.

Elegant's documentation is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

All code contributions are made directly under the MIT License as well. This is commonly referred to as the "Inbound=Outbound licensing model", as the license everyone contributes their code under (i.e. inbound license) is exactly the same as the license that the code is then being released under to the general public.

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