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Pelican is a static site generator, written in Python_.

  • Write content in reStructuredText_ or Markdown_ using your editor of choice
  • Includes a simple command line tool to (re)generate site files
  • Easy to interface with version control systems and web hooks
  • Completely static output is simple to host anywhere


Pelican currently supports:

  • Chronological content (e.g., articles, blog posts) as well as static pages
  • Integration with external services (e.g., Google Analytics and Disqus)
  • Site themes (created using Jinja2_ templates)
  • Publication of articles in multiple languages
  • Generation of Atom and RSS feeds
  • Syntax highlighting via Pygments_
  • Importing existing content from WordPress, Dotclear, and other services
  • Fast rebuild times due to content caching and selective output writing

Check out Pelican's documentation_ for further information.

How to get help, contribute, or provide feedback

See our contribution submission and feedback guidelines <CONTRIBUTING.rst>_.

Source code

Pelican's source code is hosted on GitHub. If you feel like hacking, take a look at Pelican's internals.

Why the name "Pelican"?

"Pelican" is an anagram of calepin, which means "notebook" in French.

.. Links

.. _Python: .. _reStructuredText: .. _Markdown: .. _Jinja2: .. _Pygments: .. _Pelican's documentation: .. _Pelican's internals: .. _hosted on GitHub:

.. |build-status| image:: :target: :alt: GitHub Actions CI: continuous integration status .. |pypi-version| image:: :target: :alt: PyPI: the Python Package Index .. |repology| image:: :target: :alt: Repology: the packaging hub

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