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Palo Alto Networks Cortex™ Data Lake SDK

Python idiomatic SDK for the Cortex™ Data Lake.

The Palo Alto Networks Cortex Data Lake Python SDK was created to assist developers with programmatically interacting with the Palo Alto Networks Cortex™ Data Lake API.

The primary goal is to provide full, low-level API coverage for the following Cortex™ Data Lake services:

  • Query Service

The secondary goal is to provide coverage, in the form of helpers, for common tasks/operations.

  • Log/event pagination

  • OAuth 2.0 and token refreshing

  • More, coming soon!

  • Documentation:

  • Free software: ISC license


  • HTTP client wrapper for the popular Requests library with full access to its features.
  • Language bindings for Query Service.
  • Helper methods for performing common tasks, such as log/event pagination.
  • Support for OAuth 2.0 grant code authorization flow.
  • Library of example scripts illustrating how to leverage the SDK.
  • Support for API Explorer Developer Tokens for easier access to API!


The Palo Alto Networks Cortex™ Data Lake Python SDK is considered alpha at this time.


From PyPI:

$ pip install pan-cortex-data-lake

Obtaining and Using OAuth 2.0 Tokens

If you're an app developer, work with your Developer Relations representative to obtain your OAuth2 credentials. API Explorer may optionally be used to generate a Developer Token, which can also be used to authenticate with the API. For details on API Explorer developer tokens, please visit


>>> from pan_cortex_data_lake import Credentials, QueryService
>>> c = Credentials()
>>> qs = QueryService(credentials=c)
>>> query_params = {
...     "query": "SELECT * FROM `1234567890.firewall.traffic` LIMIT 1",
... }
>>> q = qs.create_query(query_params=query_params)
>>> q.status_code
>>> q.json()
{'jobId': '40fedce6-ddf5-44cf-9af2-7c3d5303f388', 'uri': '/query/v2/jobs/40fedce6-ddf5-44cf-9af2-7c3d5303f388'}
>>> results = qs.get_job_results(job_id='40fedce6-ddf5-44cf-9af2-7c3d5303f388')
>>> results.json()


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