Simple Onnx Processing Tools

A set of simple tools for splitting, merging, OP deletion, size compression, rewriting attributes and constants, OP generation, change opset, change to the specified input order, addition of OP, RGB to BGR conversion, change batch size, batch rename of OP, and JSON convertion for ONNX models.
Alternatives To Simple Onnx Processing Tools
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a day ago35May 21, 2022258agpl-3.0Python
YOLOv5 🚀 in PyTorch > ONNX > CoreML > TFLite
Netron23,1214634 hours ago489July 04, 202228mitJavaScript
Visualizer for neural network, deep learning, and machine learning models
Onnx14,8891482459 hours ago26June 18, 2022389apache-2.0Python
Open standard for machine learning interoperability
3 days ago6agpl-3.0Python
YOLOv3 in PyTorch > ONNX > CoreML > TFLite
Onnxruntime9,5128308 hours ago26August 04, 20221,858mitC++
ONNX Runtime: cross-platform, high performance ML inferencing and training accelerator
4 days ago100apache-2.0Python
The next-generation platform to monitor and optimize your AI costs in one place 🚀
a year ago54apache-2.0C++
MACE is a deep learning inference framework optimized for mobile heterogeneous computing platforms.
23 days ago224apache-2.0C++
Tengine is a lite, high performance, modular inference engine for embedded device
Synapseml4,2951a day ago5January 12, 2022304mitScala
Simple and Distributed Machine Learning
Deepsparse1,51126 hours ago24July 07, 202221apache-2.0Python
Inference runtime offering GPU-class performance on CPUs and APIs to integrate ML into your application
Alternatives To Simple Onnx Processing Tools
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A set of simple tools for splitting, merging, OP deletion, size compression, rewriting attributes and constants, OP generation, change opset, change to the specified input order, addition of OP, RGB to BGR conversion, change batch size, batch rename of OP, and JSON convertion for ONNX models.

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1. Tools


# (1) Minimum configuration installation with no dependent packages installed
$ pip install -U simple-onnx-processing-tools \
&& pip install -U onnx \
&& python3 -m pip install -U onnx_graphsurgeon --index-url


# (2) When installing all dependent packages such as onnx-simplifier, onnxruntime, numpy, etc...
$ pip install -U simple-onnx-processing-tools[full] \
&& pip install -U onnx \
&& python3 -m pip install -U onnx_graphsurgeon --index-url


$ docker run --rm -it \
-v `pwd`:/workdir \
-w /workdir \
No. Tool Name Tags Summary
1 snc4onnx
PyPIsnc Simple tool to combine(merge) onnx models. Simple Network Combine Tool for ONNX.
2 sne4onnx
PyPIsne A very simple tool for situations where optimization with onnx-simplifier would exceed the Protocol Buffers upper file size limit of 2GB, or simply to separate onnx files to any size you want. Simple Network Extraction for ONNX.
3 snd4onnx
PyPIsnd Simple node deletion tool for onnx. Simple Node Deletion for ONNX.
4 scs4onnx
PyPIscs A very simple tool that compresses the overall size of the ONNX model by aggregating duplicate constant values as much as possible. Simple Constant value Shrink for ONNX.
5 sog4onnx
PyPIsog Simple ONNX operation generator. Simple Operation Generator for ONNX.
6 sam4onnx
PyPIsam A very simple tool to rewrite parameters such as attributes and constants for OPs in ONNX models. Simple Attribute and Constant Modifier for ONNX.
7 soc4onnx
PyPIsam A very simple tool that forces a change in the opset of an ONNX graph. Simple Opset Changer for ONNX.
8 scc4onnx
PyPIsam Very simple NCHW and NHWC conversion tool for ONNX. Change to the specified input order for each and every input OP. Also, change the channel order of RGB and BGR. Simple Channel Converter for ONNX.
9 sna4onnx
PyPIsog Simple node addition tool for onnx. Simple Node Addition for ONNX.
10 sbi4onnx
PyPIsbi4onnx A very simple script that only initializes the batch size of ONNX. Simple Batchsize Initialization for ONNX.
11 sor4onnx
PyPIsor4onnx Simple OP Renamer for ONNX.
12 soa4onnx
PyPIsoa4onnx Simple model Output OP Additional tools for ONNX.
13 sod4onnx
PyPIsod4onnx Simple model Output OP Deletion tools for ONNX.
14 ssi4onnx
PyPIssi4onnx Simple Shape Inference tool for ONNX.
15 sit4onnx
PyPIsit4onnx Tools for simple inference testing using TensorRT, CUDA and OpenVINO CPU/GPU and CPU providers. Simple Inference Test for ONNX.
16 onnx2json
PyPIonnx2json Exports the ONNX file to a JSON file.
17 json2onnx
PyPIsog Converts a JSON file to an ONNX file.
18 sed4onnx
PyPIsog Simple ONNX constant encoder/decoder. Since the constant values in the JSON files generated by onnx2json are Base64-encoded values, ASCII <-> Base64 conversion is required when rewriting JSON constant values.
19 ssc4onnx
PyPIsog Checker with simple ONNX model structure. Simple Structure Checker for ONNX. Analyzes and displays the structure of huge size models that cannot be displayed by Netron.
20 sio4onnx
PyPIsio Simple tool to change the INPUT and OUTPUT shape of ONNX.
21 svs4onnx
PyPIsio A very simple tool to swap connections between output and input variables in an ONNX graph. Simple Variable Switch for ONNX.
22 onnx2tf
PyPIonnx2tf Self-Created Tools to convert ONNX files (NCHW) to TensorFlow format (NHWC). The purpose of this tool is to solve the massive Transpose extrapolation problem in onnx-tensorflow (onnx-tf).
23 sng4onnx
PyPIsng4onnx A simple tool that automatically generates and assigns an OP name to each OP in an old format ONNX file.
24 sde4onnx
PyPIsde4onnx Simple doc_string eraser for ONNX.
25 components_of_onnx
[WIP]PyPIsog ONNX parts yard. The various operations described in Operator Schemas are converted in advance into OP stand-alone ONNX files.

2. Very useful tools

No. Tool Name Author Tags Summary
1 OnnxGraphQt
fateshelled OnnxGraphQt ONNX model visualizer. Model structure can be edited on the visualization tool.imageimage
2 onnx-modifier
ZhangGe6 onnx-modifier To edit an ONNX model, One common way is to visualize the model graph, and edit it using ONNX Python API.image
3 onnx-simplifier daquexian PyPIonnxsim ONNX Simplifier is presented to simplify the ONNX model. It infers the whole computation graph and then replaces the redundant operators with their constant outputs.
4 Sparsify
neuralmagic PyPIsparsify Easy-to-use UI for automatically sparsifying neural networks and creating sparsification recipes for better inference performance and a smaller footprint.image
5 DeepSparse Engine
neuralmagic PyPIdeepsparse Sparsity-aware neural network inference engine for GPU-class performance on CPUs.imageimage
6 Sparsebit megvii-research PyPISparsebit Sparsebit is a toolkit with pruning and quantization capabilities. It is designed to help researchers compress and accelerate neural network models by modifying only a few codes in existing pytorch project.
7 onnion Idein PyPIonnion onnion project. compile onnx to python. runtime depends only numpy.

2-1. OnnxGraphQt - [WIP] Startup Method Sample

git clone
cd OnnxGraphQt
# build docker image
# run

3. Acknowledgments


4. References

  1. PINTO0309/PINTO_model_zoo


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