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You can install the pre-compiled binary (in several different ways), use Docker.

Here are the steps for each of them:

Install the pre-compiled binary

openwrt/entware/optware (Usually on the router):

opkg update
opkg install gateway-go

homebrew tap :

$ brew install OpenIoTHub/tap/gateway-go

homebrew (may not be the latest version):

$ brew install gateway-go

homebrew pr gateway-go

*** config file : 


$ sudo snap install gateway-go
*** config file :


$ scoop bucket add OpenIoTHub
$ scoop install gateway-go


Download the .deb or .rpm from the releases page and install with dpkg -i and rpm -i respectively.

*** config file :

Shell script:

$ curl -sfL | sh


Download the pre-compiled binaries from the releases page and copy to the desired location.

Running with Docker

You can also use it within a Docker container. To do that, you'll need to execute something more-or-less like the following:

$ docker run openiothub/gateway:latest

Note that the image will almost always have the last stable Go version.

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