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© 2012-2021, Tigas Ventures, LLC (Mike Tigas)

This is the Onion Browser 2.X branch, based on Endless. The old version of Onion Browser can be found here.

Onion Browser is a free web browser for iPhone and iPad that encrypts and tunnels web traffic through the Tor network. See the official site for more details and App Store links.

Please see the LICENSE file for usage and redistribution terms.

Notable 2.X Features

The following features are new to Onion Browser, by way of the upstream work on Endless:

  • Multiple tab support

  • Search from URL bar

  • Ability to configure security and privacy settings (script blocking, etc) on a per-site basis

  • Per-site cookie handling

  • HTTPS Everywhere support

  • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) support, pre-loaded with the Chromium ruleset

  • Ability to view SSL certificate information, to allow manual verification of SSL certificates


These people helped with translations. Thank you so much, folks!

  • Albanian: Besnik, Kristina_Millona, alter2000, elioqoshi, vilisuli, marianaballa
  • Arabic: AboShanab, mada19, BNasr, Hujairi, MissPeace, ahmedessamdev, Bild96, Israel.K
  • Bengali: codesmite, Al_Shahrior, BNasr, hasan_md_rakib, nr072
  • Cataln: Ecron, pau.selles, Aetheria, Fitoschido, jmontane
  • Chinese (Simplified): Selinaf, feeblebiscuit, tsaizb, Lafrenze, ff98sha, 99yongliu, Lafrenze, chrisx8_, jxtsai
  • Chinese (Traditional): Selinaf, s8321414, jxtsai, MengPangWang, tsaizb, austinchang
  • Croatian milotype, paranatox
  • Czech: Plarome, Lumeriol, hernikplays
  • Dutch: SilverXp, biancahey, kwadronaut, pljmn, Meteor0id, ChillT, lucasz10
  • French: yahoe.001
  • German: Atalanttore, beonex1, nautilusx, ChristophSchulz, L10N, LordExtra, m_rey
  • Greek: dmaroulidis, KAUTH, pappasadrian, ssk1, apapac, arammos, beonex1, giormatsis
  • Hebrew: IONIL
  • Hindi: balapandu222, drashti4, umkdikshit, josprachi, libregeekingkid, philo_math, sonusandeep, suremak
  • Hungarian: benewfy, vargaviktor
  • Icelandic: anarchodin, sveinki
  • Italian: EllipticSet, Rhaal, RickDeckard, ryuw
  • Irish: kscanne
  • Korean: MinGyu19, jmj050716, sector429
  • Japanese: Naofumi, Songbogong, TokumeiNanashi, pluto987, jpanonowl, TENCO, kiririn
  • Macedonian: Liljana_Ackovska, Zarko_Gjurov, MatejMecka
  • Norwegian (Bokml): kingu, eirik174
  • Persian: ariaa, arminoza, nariman, sabs, magnifico, Gilberto1, Zaefarani, alinbipr, hamidreza_yazdani, mo.hoseini, noneck, voxp, gonjayesh, koofi, nonecknoel
  • Polish: GEEZET1, Pihjun, tenderloin, weegoor, wiktoriatomzik
  • Portuguese (Brazil): flaviove, CypherZnnb, Bk__13, CRCF, darkcrystal, eduaddadbr, leovasone, nopum, vmattos, Communia
  • Portuguese (Portugal): manuelarodsilva, Bk__13, mrBatsu
  • Russian: anm, dianazryn, emedvedev, Ifti, foxing29, neocaching
  • Spanish: arielbarbosa, Maria_Jose, emmapeel, strel, zakooch, Aetheria, Fabiola.mauriceh, Fitoschido, kodachi, lenazun, nosense, supermigue2000, vareli, antonela_
  • Thai: bact'
  • Turkish:
    falcontr06, kayazeren, ali_demirtas
  • Ukrainian: Herenko, lyubomyr, MykolaBubelich
  • Vietnamese: AshCopper, PMinhDuc, Shinigami


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.


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