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#PHP-RBAC v2.x

PHP-RBAC is the de-facto authorization library for PHP. It provides developers with NIST Level 2 Hierarchical Role Based Access Control and more, in the fastest implementation yet.

Current Stable Release: PHP-RBAC v2.0

##What is an Rbac System?

Take a look at the "Before You Begin" section of our Documentation to learn what an RBAC system is and what PHP-RBAC has to offer you and your project.

##NIST Level 2 Compliance

For information regarding NIST RBAC Levels, please see This Paper.

For more great resources see the NIST RBAC Group Page.


You can now use Composer to install the PHP-RBAC code base.

For Installation Instructions please refer to the "Getting Started" section of our Documentation.


Instantiating a PHP-RBAC Object

With a 'use' statement:

use PhpRbac;

$rbac = new Rbac();

Without a 'use' statement, outside of a namespace:

$rbac = new PhpRbac\Rbac();

Without a 'use' statement, inside of another namespace (notice the leading backslash):

$rbac = new \PhpRbac\Rbac();


PHP-RBAC's Public API is now fully PSR-0, PSR-1 and PSR-2 compliant.

You can now:

  • Use Composer to install/update PHP-RBAC
  • Use any PSR-0 compliant autoloader with PHP-RBAC
  • Use the included autoloader to load PHP-RBAC

If you notice any conflicts with PSR compliance please Submit an Issue.

##The future of PHP-RBAC

We are in the process of refactoring the PHP-RBAC internals. We have two goals in mind while doing this:

With a PSR compliant Public API already in place we can continue to work towards our goals one piece at a time without altering the Public API that developers are working with and rely on, making the transition as seamless and invisible as possible.


We welcome all contributions that will help make PHP-RBAC even better tomorrow than it is today!

How You Can Help:

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