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Passbase is a free password manager built on Keybase.

Generate long, random, secure passwords and store encrypted copies of them on your Keybase File System.

Soon, you'll also be able to share passwords with other Keybase users, at your discretion.


Whenever you create/change/read a password, it will open in less: this is to ensure it does not pollute your history, or remain visible on screen; once you have copied the password to your clipboard, press q to quit.

Create a new password for cool-new-website:

passbase create cool-new-website

(Realise cool-new-website requires passwords to be at most 25 characters, and only contain the special characters ! and @):

passbase change cool-new-website -n25 [email protected]

Some time later, when you want to login to cool-new-website again:

passbase read cool-new-website

Get bored of cool-new-website:

passbase delete cool-new-website

What sites do we have passwords for again?

passbase list

I'd suggest creating an alias to help find and read your passwords, such as:

passbase read "$(passbase ls | fzf --no-preview --no-multi)" | pbcopy

which will fuzzy-find a password name, and then its value to the clipboard. (Example assumes POSIX shell on macOS.)


You can also use ls and rm as aliases for the obvious.

--length and -n are synonyms; as are --specials and -S.

You can specify not to use any special characters at all with --no-specials or -x. (cf. Defaults)


The default password length is 128 characters. This is not for any particular reason - if you're copy-pasting the length is rather immaterial, and it's rarely caused me any issues. That said, I'm definitely open to feedback; if you're frequently running into lower limits, please open an issue (if one doesn't exist).

Special characters included by default are ~`[email protected]£&*_+-=\,./|? - specified characters may only be a subset of these. They were arrived at by being those on my keyboard that do not break 'double-tap copy'. Again, open to suggestions for changes.

Upcoming Features

Keybase allows not only keeping things private, but also mutual privacy. The main goal of v0.2 will be to facilitate shared passwords - like the supermarket or pizza place you order from with roommates, or the video on demand subscription you share with family.


macOS users can use Homebrew:

brew install OJFord/formulae/passbase

or download the latest release.


CI Status


The (integration) tests run inside a Docker container, primarily for ease of mocking the Keybase CLI tool and root directory.

docker-compose run tests

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