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This is my own "in production" application, which is works for a small service company and, to my surprise, they're even find it helpfull. This code may be interesting to you only as example of my brutal attempts to realize my vision of good application based on Spring Boot and AngularJS.



  • Java 8 (Stream API, Lambdas, new Date and Time)
  • Spring Boot 1.4.4 (Spring Framework, Spring Security, Spring Data, Spring Web)
  • MySQL (main DB), MongoDB (secondary DB for blobs), H2 (DB for tests)
  • Gradle build tool
  • JSoup html parser
  • Apache POI (Java API for Microsoft Documents)
  • Caffeine Cache
  • other server-side dependencies you can see in build.gradle


  • Angular JS 1.5.11
  • Angular-Material (UI components)
  • Moment JS
  • Google ReCaptcha
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Npm JS package managers
  • Gulp JS task runner
  • Jasmine framework for testing code
  • Protractor E2E-test framework
  • Karma unit-test runner
  • other client-side dependencies you can see in bower.json for bower and package.json


Сonvenient demo at Heroku:
Wait a few seconds until the Heroku initializes app.

For Heroku app was rewritten:

  • Disabled Google reCaptcha

Available following users for login:

  • login: 'admin', pass: 'b' with administrator role


The MIT License (MIT)

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