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This is the Angular implementation of Ant Design Mobile specification, serving Alibaba big data wireless service.


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  • An enterprise-class UI design language for Angular mobile web applications.
  • The UI is fully Configurable and Scalable, easily adapt to all kinds of product style.
  • Use TypeScript to develop, provide type definition files, support type and attribute smart tips for easy business development.
  • Provide "Components are loaded on demand" / "Web page HD display" / "SVG Icon" optimization features, integrated development.
  • Support running in Ionic[Guide].

Environment Support

with polyfills

  • iOS 7.0+
  • Android 4.4+

Angular Support

Now Supports Angular ^11.0.0.


We recommend using @angular/cli to install,it not only makes development easier,but also allow you to take advantage of the rich ecosystem of angular packages and tooling.

$ ng add ng-zorro-antd-mobile

More information about @angular/cli here.

You can also install ng-zorro-antd-mobile with npm or yarn

$ npm install ng-zorro-antd-mobile


PRs Welcome

We welcome all contributions. Please read our first.

If you'd like to help us improve NG-ZORRO-MOBILE, just create a Pull Request. Feel free to report bugs and issues here.

If you're new to posting issues, we ask that you read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way(This guide does not provide actual support services for this project!) and How to Ask a Question in Open Source Community and How to Report Bugs Effectively prior to posting. Well written bug reports help us help you!

Help from the Community

For questions on how to use NG-ZORRO-MOBILE, please post questions to Stack Overflow using the ng-zorro-mobile tag. If you're not finding what you need on StackOverflow, you can find us on Gitter as well.

As always, we encourage experienced users to help those who are not familiar with NG-ZORRO-MOBILE!


If your company or product is using NG-ZORRO-MOBILE, please let us know here!



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