Musicbucket Bot

A Telegram bot that helps chat users sharing and keeping track music
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MusicBucket Bot



MusicBucket Bot is a Telegram Bot that adds features and possibility to interact with Spotify music links that users send in a chat.

Its main feature is to allow you to save links that someones shares in a Chat in a personal list. So you can easily track which music you have pending to listen to.

When an user sends a link, the bot is able to get information from a Spotify link like:

  • Artist
  • Album
  • Track
  • Genres
  • Audio preview

It also integrates with to retrieve information about your user like Now Playing.

Why Telegram?

I chose Telegram because I'm in a few groups where we share music everyday. We soon realized that the links we shared in a group were often missed. Therefore, the idea of making a tool for keeping track of the music we share started growing so I started developing this bot.

Why Spotify?

At the start the bot supported both Spotify and Deezer, but Spotify is the platform that we use mostly, so implementing new features for both platforms became complicated and I decided supporting Spotify only.


  • /music [@username] Retrieves the music shared in the chat from the last week. Grouped by user. Filter by @username optionally.
  • /music_from_beginning @username Retrieves the music shared in the chat from the beginning of time by an user.
  • /savedlinks Retrieves a list with your saved links
  • /deletesavedlinks Shows a list of buttons for deleting saved links
  • /mymusic Retrieves the music that you shared in all the chats. It has to be called from a private conversation.
  • /topalbums [period](7day 'default'/1month/3month/6month/12month/overall) Top Albums. Returns the top albums of your user.
  • /topartists [period](7day 'default'/1month/3month/6month/12month/overall) Top Artists. Returns the top artists of your user.
  • /toptracks [period](7day 'default'/1month/3month/6month/12month/overall) Top Tracks. Returns the top tracks of your user.
  • /np Now Playing. Returns track information about what you are currently playing in
  • /collage [rows] [cols] [period](7day 'default'/1month/3month/6month/12month/overall) Returns a collage of your most listened albums in a period.
  • /lastfmset username Sets a username to your Telegram user.
  • /stats Retrieves an user list with a links counter for the current chat.
  • /help Retrieves a list of available commands and bot features.
  • @music_bucket_bot artist|album|track name Search for an artist, an album or a track and send it to the chat.

Official bot => @music_bucket_bot


screenshot_1 screenshot_3
screenshot_2 screenshot_4


  • Install pyenv and poetry
  • Do poetry install inside the folder.
  • Copy the .env.dist file to .env and fill the variables with your Telegram and Spotify data.
  • Execute python

Special thanks

To the Sonomada community and its group in Telegram ( where we use and test the bot actively and propose new features.


The content of this project is licensed under the GNU/GPLv3 license. See LICENSE file.

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