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TTT Normal View TTT, Terminal Text TV, is a terminal version of the Swedish teletext system ("Text-TV") written in C, relying on the Text TV API.


Internal libraries

  • jsmn (included in the source)


Install libcurl and ncurses if you do not already have them installed. These should be available in the repositories of your distribution - if not, refer to the links above.

Official packages

Not yet available.

Building from source

$ git clone
$ cd TTT
$ sudo make install

The default installation path prefix is /usr/local, i.e. the program is installed to /usr/local/bin. This can be changed by specifying another prefix:

$ sudo PREFIX="<your/prefix>" make install


The program is launched with ttt (provided that the binary is included in your $PATH).


All keybindings are listed in the help page of the program. This page can be opened and closed using ?.


  • -h - display help message
  • -r - restore terminal colors on quit (using the reset syscall)
  • -d - do not overwrite terminal colors (uses your terminal colors instead)
  • -t - use transparent background for pages (instead of black)


TTT -dTTT -d -t

Development usage

$ make run        # run the program
$ make memrun     # run the program with valgrind

$ make test       # run tests
$ make memtest    # run tests with valgrind

$ make clean      # removes all compiled files

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