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Android Malware Samples - A Collection of Android Malware Binaries

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This is a project created to simply help out those researchers and malware analysts who are looking for DEX, APK, Android, and other types of mobile malicious binaries and viruses. This includes virus samples for analysis, research, reverse engineering, or review. We may be adding additional files to this repository from time to time.

This should go without saying, but Please be sure to exercise ===EXTREME CAUTION=== when handling these files because as you well know, they have been designed and developed with malicious intent by their original authors. We believe in transparency and helping the good guys have the right access and tools they need to rip these malicious files apart.

We welcome all requests and contributions!

Please remember that these are live and dangerous malware! Do NOT run them unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing! They are to be used only for educational purposes only. !!!

We highly recommend reviewing these files in a pristine sandboxed environment or in a dedicated Virtual Machine that has no Internet access. If you are not careful, you will infect yourself or others with dangerous malware!!!


Thanks for you interest! If you would like access to more Android Malware, feel free to visit our parent website for additional details.

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