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Customize Firefox from the command line and control all your custom userChrome CSS themes with one tool!

Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux

No Support For Waterfox

Troubleshooting Guide Can Be Found Here!


As of Firefox 57 (the Quantum Update), Mozilla has enabled custom user customization using userChrome.css. This file is found in the chrome folder of your profile and allows you to customize the look of your browser. There is a huge community around this sort of themeing and it can get easy to mess up your theme or lose it when you install a new theme. With Foxify you have the ability to manage your themes for Firefox and apply them dynamically!

Foxify was heavily inspired by the command-line program Spiceify for Spotify, which offers similiar features but for Spotify!


  • Easy Theme Management for Firefox Themes

  • Safe Backups and Restores of Themes

  • Easily Remove Custom Themes Entirely

  • Easy To Use Commands

  • Command Suggestions When Entering Incorrect Arguments


Where To Find Themes:

FirefoxCSS Reddit: Link

UserChrome Tweaks: Link

Firefox CSS Hacks: Link


img OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

Software Reqs:

  • Python 3.6+
  • Firefox 57 or Higher


I. Table of Contents

II. Overview

  1. Description
  2. Features
  3. Where to Find Themes
  4. Requirements

III. Getting Started

  1. Installation
  2. Adding Themes

IV. Usage

  1. Command List
  2. Common Commands


Licensed under the GNU GPUv3 License by Max Bridgland, 2020

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