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Logisim ITA

Logisim is a digital circuit simulator, originally available here.

This is an italian fork based on the original Logisim version.

Why you should use Logisim ITA

  • No retro-compatibility problems with old .circ files
  • A lot of new components and small changes
  • Bug fixes and optimizations
  • Constantly supported and listening to all your suggestions/reports


  • Core Stuff:
    • Italian, Simplified Chinese and partial french translation!
    • Autoupdates!
    • Compiled with Java 14
    • Complete new movement system with mouse dragging
    • Auto center and Auto zoom when opening new files/circuits or with ctrl-0, double mouse wheel click and with the round button you'll see on the lower-right corner
    • Almost infinite canvas, arrows will show you in what direction is the circuit if it's outside of your view
    • Zoom in and out using mouse wheel where you're pointing at
    • Double click with Edit Tool to label components
    • Load libraries from folder at startup (Preferences / Fork)
    • Selectable painting refresh rate, default 60Hz (Legacy was 20Hz and sometimes lagging)
    • Anti Aliasing, Look and Feel and Fill Component's Background preference
    • Clock custom frequency
    • Press ESC or DEL to cancel "Add Tool" action, F1 opens Library Reference
    • Increased output limit in Analyze Circuit to 32
    • Analyze Circuit should calculate table/expression with any kind of component
    • Added "Clear Log" button
    • Added missing tooltips
    • Changed some default values
  • New components:
    • Wiring->Programmable Generator
    • TTL gates (7400, 7402, 7404, 7408, 7432, 7447, 7485, 7486, 74165, 74283, 747266)
    • I/O->Digital Oscilloscope
    • I/O->Switch
    • I/O->Dip Switch
    • I/O->Slider
    • I/O->RGB LED
    • I/O->Buzzer
    • Memory->PLA ROM
    • Plexers->7-Segment Display Decoder
  • Component changes:
    • New FF layout
    • The Shift Register will show you its internal bits even when set to serial load
    • Right click on Pin, Edit Contents and set its value typing the decimal number
    • Added Sel pin in Register
    • Added Preset pin in Register and Counter
    • TTY and Keyboard components can use 16-bit values (UTF-16)
  • New Attributes:
    • Controlled Buffer / Inverter: Negate Control Input attribute
    • Added Sel Active Level attribute in components with Sel pin
    • Priority Plexer "No Input" attribute
    • Joystick "Facing" attribute
    • Bit Selector "Select location" attribute
    • Added Label Color attribute for each component with Label attribute and Text Tool
    • Added Label for RAM, ROM and PLA ROM
    • FF D, S-R: "Latch" option in Trigger attribute
    • New Counter behavior (different pin logic)
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Big fixes to Log menu and Log output file
    • Big fixes for Text Tool
    • Fixed empty template bug introduced in Logisim 2.7.0
    • Fixed input positions in wide gates with 4 inputs
    • Fixed opening new file in new window with old window not used
    • Fixed bugged 32b multiplier
    • Some fix from original early version


  • All the original Logisim's bugs we haven't fixed yet:
    • Some random blue/red line caused by bad values refresh
    • Some problem with high frequencies
    • String attribute not calling attributechanged method while writing its value
  • Programmable Generator: trying to edit its values by clicking on "(click to edit)" is a bit buggy, use "Edit Contents" instead in menu by clicking with right mouse button

Features we want to add

  • Solve dirty points when rotating
  • Add a new type of library
  • Draw also in circuits
  • Suggest us everything at [email protected]


Due to a bug in the original Logisim, wide gates with 4 inputs had a bad pin positioning. I fixed this problem but if you open an old file containing gates with those attributes, its inputs will be disconnected and a warning message will appear

EXE and JAR downloads + microprocessor project

All in our website here

How to compile & use

The project uses maven, from Logisim/Logisim-Form run mvn package or use your ide and import the directory as a maven project, the output file is target/Logisim-jar-with-dependencies.jar

If you use ecplise, or a older version of Logisim:
Watch our tutorials on "TUTORIAL" section of our website


New strings are translated really bad (Google Translate) because i just know Italian and English.
You can help me translating other languages or adding a new one, if you want so, contact me at [email protected]

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