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Mathematics for Machine Learning and Deep Learning


This is a tutorials for Mathematics in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. There are step-by-step and examples of math problems in machine learning and deep learning. Education for mathematics. 🔣 🔢


Python 3.0 +
Use jupyter notebook

List of Mathematics:

Basic Mathemathics

  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Square Root, and Algebra.


  • Shapes, Area, Perimeter, Volume, Points, Lines, Angles, Surfaces, Planes, and Curves


  • Data collection, Data Analysis, Probability, Average, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation, and Variances


  • Instantaneous rates of change and Slopes of curves, Differential, Integral, Series, Vector, and Multivariable

Linear Algebra

  • Matrices, Vector Spaces, Linear Systems, Gaussian elimination, Linear Systems, Determinant, Eigenvalues and eigenvectors


  • Tin Hang

Will add more...

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