Laravel Oracle Pdo Odbc Driver

Link Oracle by PDO(ODBC)
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Gorose1,0378a year ago41March 11, 202238mitGo
GoRose(go orm), a mini database ORM for golang, which inspired by the famous php framwork laravle's eloquent. It will be friendly for php developer and python or ruby developer. Currently provides six major database drivers: mysql,sqlite3,postgres,oracle,mssql, Clickhouse.
Laravel Oci877012372 months ago255May 18, 202218mitPHP
Oracle DB driver for Laravel 4|5|6|7|8|9|10 via OCI8
Laravel Admin Template145
7 years ago4JavaScript
Laravel 4.2 Bootstrap Admin Starter Template [with Oracle DB Support]
Laravel Oracledb112
26 months ago40November 29, 2022PHP
Oracle DB driver for Laravel Framework
Laravel Adminer39
3 years ago10November 16, 20201mitPHP
Adminer database management tool for your Laravel application.
Homestead Oracle30
6 years ago5Shell
Laravel local development environment with Oracle XE 11g
Laravel Oracle Docker9
4 years agoPHP
Laravel project configured to work with oracle client and running on a docker container
Laravel 4.1 Starter Kit7
9 years agoPHP
Laravel 4.1 Starter Kit with Oracle DB Support
Laravel Oracle Pdo Odbc Driver6
7 years agoPHP
Link Oracle by PDO(ODBC)
Powerfull Lumen Base Project5
5 years agoPHP
Powerfull Lumen 5.5 Base Project including Cors, Swagger-UI and eloquent drivers for MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB
Alternatives To Laravel Oracle Pdo Odbc Driver
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Adds an ODBC driver to Laravel 4.2, usable with Fluent and Eloquent.

最大用途是透過此套件可以連接自定義的界接層 (EX:SQL Relay)在連到 Oracle

如有在 laravel 5.2 需要搭配 SQL Relay 連到 Oracle 的專案



Add rexlu/laraveloracleodbc as a requirement to composer.json:

    "require": {
        "rexlu/laraveloracleodbc": "dev-master"

Update your packages with composer update or install with composer install.

or by command

composer require rexlu/laraveloracleodbc:dev-master -vvv

Once Composer has installed or updated your packages you need to register LaravelODBC and the package it uses (extradb) with Laravel itself. Open up app/config/app.php and find the providers key towards the bottom.

Add the following to the list of providers:



There is no separate package configuration file for LaravelODBC. You'll just add a new array to the connections array in app/config/database.php.

        'odbc' => array(
                'driver'   => 'odbc',
                'dsn'      => 'odbc:datasource',
                'charset'  => 'utf8',
                'username' => 'xxxxxUserxxxxxx',
                'password' => 'xxxxxxpasswordxxxx',
                'database' => 'xxxxxxDBxxxxxx',
                'prefix'   => '',


The ODBC driver is different from the pre-installed ones in that you're going to pass in the DSN instead of having Laravel build it for you. There are just too many ways to configure an ODBC database for this package to do it for you. Some sample configurations are at

Don't forget to update your default database connection.

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