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Clove Bounty

We're opening up a developer bounty for the community to help contribute to this project. Clove currently supports the major cryptocurrencies, but we want to support as many as possible!

Rules for contributing:

  • Do not modify the bounty_ious.csv file directly
  • Follow PEP8 style guide conventions (ex. vs, etc)
  • Coins that have no main seeds will not be accepted as at least one seed is required to connect to the network and process swaps.
  • Delete your coin from ALTCOINS.txt in the PR

Bounty amount: 50 TAU per successful pull request

Knowledge required: Intermediate Python Programming

Time per task: 15 minutes

How To:

Your task is to add altcoins that are not in the repo so far. We've done about 100 for you. Select a coin that is NOT in the network folder. Some on the ALTCOINS.txt file may overlap, so double check.

Then, follow the code to the source and scrape the network information from there. It's super easy. Follow these rules.

  1. Does the file end in chainparams.cpp or net.cpp?

If it's the former, just search for CMainParams() and then vSeeds.push_back(CDNSSeedData inside of the section. Copy all of the vSeeds from here. These are the seeds. Sometimes there is also a CTestNetParams() included in the source code as well. Be sure to copy these as well for the testnet seeds.

Also, copy and paste the port number. In chainparam.cpp files, it's stored in a variable called nDefaultPort. There are usually two different values for main and test nets. Ignore RegTest network information.

If the file ends in net.cpp, then search for the DNS Seeds ( Copy and paste the SECOND value from each pair. The first doesn't matter! Again, do the same for the testnet if one exists below it.

For the port, these will be in protocol.h at the top. Note this, the FIRST port is the TESTNET port, the second is the default. This is counterintuitive, but is a ternary operator so is actually backwards.

  1. Copy all of the information into the template.

Check out an example in the networks folder to understand. Make sure you update all metadata like access date, filenames, symbols, etc. etc.

  1. Submit your PR.

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