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SFWBar (Sway Floating Window Bar) is a flexible taskbar application for wayland compositors, designed with a stacking layout in mind. Originally developed for Sway, SFWBar will work with other wayland compositors supporting layer shell protocol, and the taskbar functionality shall for with any compositor supportinig foreign toplevel protocol, but the pager, switcher and placement functionality requires sway (or at least i3 IPC support).

SFWBar is licensed under GNU GPL Weather icons are from and are licensed under MIT license

SFWBar implements the following features:

  1. Taskbar - to control floating windows
  2. Task Switcher - to allow switching active window with a keyboard (Alt-Tab)
  3. Pager - to allow switching between workspaces
  4. Window placement engine - to open new windows in more logical locations
  5. A simple widget set to display information from system files

Compiling from Source

Install dependencies:

  • gtk3
  • gtk-layer-shell
  • libucl

Compile instructions:

meson build
ninja -C build
sudo ninja -C build install


Copy sfwbar.config and sfwbar.css from /usr/share/sfwbar/ to ~/.config/sfwbar/ For more information on the format of configuration file, please see the man page

you may want to add the following lines to your sway config file to open windows as floating by default:

# open new windows as floating by default
for_window [app_id="[.]*"] floating enable
# set Alt-tab as a task switcher combo
bindsym Alt+Tab bar hidden_state toggle 
# set $mod+c to hide/unhide taskbar 
bindsym $mod+c bar mode toggle

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