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DIY Open Source OS for building IoT ecosystems

The project of the future based on OWLOS to monitoring air quality issue OWLOS Air Quality 🌎

[ESP32, ESP8266]

  • built-in sensors, actuators, LCDs, DHTs, Steppers and other drivers
  • built-in script language interpreter
  • built-in HTTP(S) RESTful server, RESTful client, MQTT client
  • WiFi access point/station modes
  • OTA supported
  • UART AT+ interface supported
  • flexible assembly configuration (config.h)
  • Web and desktop UX
  • doesn't require programming skills
  • doesn't require internet and additional servers
  • Open Source under GPL-3.0 License


Source Code map

  • /OWLOS/ C/C++ firmware source code (ESP32, ESP8266)
  • /OWLOS/data/ JavaScript stand-alone and embedded UX
  • /OWLOSAdmin/ .Net Core C# WPF UX
  • /OWLOSEcosystem/ (FFR) .Net Core C# WPF + OpenGL UX
  • /OWLOSResource/ Blendar 3D models, schematics and images resources
  • /OWLOSStarter/ C/C++ for uploading OWLOS firmware bin from GitHub (HTTP Updater)

How to build

  1. install PlatformIO IDE
  2. install COM port drivers for your board
  3. in PlatformIO open OWLOS workspace
  4. setup your build configuration in config.h file
  5. build and upload OWLOS firmware to your board

More detailed instruction here

if your board based on ESP8266 -> ESP8266 prepared assembly


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