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lang_table is a dart plugin to generate string files from a source. Use a table to manage all multi-language resources. Inspired by fetch-mobile-localization-from-airtable


Add this library into pubspec.yaml

    lang_table: 0.2.0


Run the following command at root directory.Then will generate several output files based on the source platform

pub run lang_table:generate

A below table shown all supported arguments:

Argument Description
--platform (Required) The platform stores all localization strings. Suppoted platforms: airTable
--input (Required) The source of the strings
--target (Required) Code generator for a target plaformat. Supported target: Flutter
--output-dir (Optional) An output folder stores all generated json files (defaults to "res/string")
--api-key (Optional) Usage of platform specific


Key [code=key] English [code=en] Traditional Chinese [code=zh_TW] Japanese [code=ja]
locale English 中文 日文
simpleMessage This is a simple Message 這是簡單消息 これは簡単なメッセージです
messageWithParams Hi ${yourName}, Welcome you! 你好 ${yourName},歡迎你。 こんにちは${yourName}、ようこそ。
group.hello Welcome you! 歡迎你。 ようこそ。

Example Template on AirTable

Running the following command,

pub run lang_table:generate --platform=airTable --input= --api-key={YOUR API KEY} --target=Flutter

Generated files like this,

|--- lib 
|--- res 
    |--- string 
         |--- string_en.json 
         |--- string_zh_TW.json 
         |--- string_ja.json 

Meta Code

It is required to insert into table headers for identifying the usage of a table's column.

Type of Meta Code

[code=key] Used to identify the column storing a key for a message
[code={Locale}] Used to identify the column storing a message for a specific language

Grouping Key

For the key in [code=key], lang_table support group key. Using '.' to separate different groups


    "group.hello": "Welcome you!" 

Supported Platforms



pub run lang_table:generate --platform=airTable --input= --api-key={YOUR API KEY} --target=Flutter

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