Flutter package: Json Table Widget to create table from json array
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This Flutter package provides a Json Table Widget for directly showing table from a json(Map). Supports Column toggle also.

Live Demo: https://apgapg.github.io/json_table/

Live Data Testing: https://apgapg.github.io/json_table/#/customData


  • The table constructed isn't the flutter's native DataTable.
  • The table is manually coded hence serves a great learning purpose on how to create simple tables manually in flutter
  • Supports vertical & horizontal scroll
  • Supports custom columns includes default value, column name, value builder
  • Supports nested data showing
  • Supports pagination
  • Supports row select color, callback

JsonTable JsonTable JsonTable JsonTable JsonTable JsonTable

💻 Installation

In the dependencies: section of your pubspec.yaml, add the following line:


  json_table: <latest version>

❔ Usage

Import this class

import 'package:json_table/json_table.dart';

- Vanilla Implementation

//Decode your json string
final String jsonSample='[{"id":1},{"id":2}]';
var json = jsonDecode(jsonSample);

//Simply pass this json to JsonTable
child: JsonTable(json)

- Implementation with HEADER and CELL widget builders

   tableHeaderBuilder: (String header) {
     return Container(
       padding: EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 8.0, vertical: 4.0),
       decoration: BoxDecoration(border: Border.all(width: 0.5),color: Colors.grey[300]),
       child: Text(
         textAlign: TextAlign.center,
         style: Theme.of(context).textTheme.display1.copyWith(fontWeight: FontWeight.w700, fontSize: 14.0,color: Colors.black87),
   tableCellBuilder: (value) {
     return Container(
       padding: EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 4.0, vertical: 2.0),
       decoration: BoxDecoration(border: Border.all(width: 0.5, color: Colors.grey.withOpacity(0.5))),
       child: Text(
         textAlign: TextAlign.center,
         style: Theme.of(context).textTheme.display1.copyWith(fontSize: 14.0, color: Colors.grey[900]),

Head over to example code: simple_table.dart

- Implementation with custom COLUMNS list

  • Pass custom column list to control what columns are displayed in table
  • The list item must be constructed using JsonTableColumn class
  • JsonTableColumn provides 4 parameters, namely,
JsonTableColumn("age", label: "Eligible to Vote", valueBuilder: eligibleToVote, defaultValue:"NA")
  • First parameter is the field/key to pick from the data
  • label: The column header label to be displayed
  • defaultValue: To be used when data or key is null
  • valueBuilder: To get the formatted value like date etc
//Decode your json string
final String jsonSample='[{"name":"Ram","email":"[email protected]","age":23,"DOB":"1990-12-01"},'
                              '{"name":"Shyam","email":"[email protected]","age":18,"DOB":"1995-07-01"},'
                              '{"name":"John","email":"[email protected]","age":10,"DOB":"2000-02-24"},'
var json = jsonDecode(jsonSample);
//Create your column list
var columns = [
      JsonTableColumn("name", label: "Name"),
      JsonTableColumn("age", label: "Age"),
      JsonTableColumn("DOB", label: "Date of Birth", valueBuilder: formatDOB),
      JsonTableColumn("age", label: "Eligible to Vote", valueBuilder: eligibleToVote),
      JsonTableColumn("email", label: "E-mail", defaultValue: "NA"),
//Simply pass this column list to JsonTable
child: JsonTable(json,columns: columns)

//Example of valueBuilder
String eligibleToVote(value) {
    if (value >= 18) {
      return "Yes";
    } else
      return "No";

Head over to example code: custom_column_table.dart

- Implementation with nested data list

Suppose your json object has nested data like email as shown below:

{"name":"Ram","email":{"1":"[email protected]"},"age":23,"DOB":"1990-12-01"}
  • Just use email.1 instead of email as key
JsonTableColumn("email.1", label: "Email", defaultValue:"NA")
//Decode your json string
final String jsonSample='[{"name":"Ram","email":{"1":"[email protected]"},"age":23,"DOB":"1990-12-01"},'
                               '{"name":"Shyam","email":{"1":"[email protected]"},"age":18,"DOB":"1995-07-01"},'
                               '{"name":"John","email":{"1":"[email protected]"},"age":10,"DOB":"2000-02-24"}]';
var json = jsonDecode(jsonSample);
//Create your column list
var columns = [
      JsonTableColumn("name", label: "Name"),
      JsonTableColumn("age", label: "Age"),
      JsonTableColumn("DOB", label: "Date of Birth", valueBuilder: formatDOB),
      JsonTableColumn("age", label: "Eligible to Vote", valueBuilder: eligibleToVote),
      JsonTableColumn("email.1", label: "E-mail", defaultValue: "NA"),
//Simply pass this column list to JsonTable
child: JsonTable(json,columns: columns)

Head over to example code: custom_column_nested_table.dart

Column toggle

Option for toggling column(s) also. User can customise which columns are to be shown

 showColumnToggle: true

Row Highlighting

Add row highlighting with custom color support

allowRowHighlight: true,
rowHighlightColor: Colors.yellow[500].withOpacity(0.7),

Row Select Callback

Get the index and data map of a particular selected row. Note index might return incorrect value in case of pagination

onRowSelect: (index, map) {


Just provide an int value to paginationRowCount parameter

paginationRowCount: 4,


  • [X] Custom header list parameter. This will help to show only those keys as mentioned in header list
  • [X] Add support for keys missing in json object
  • [X] Add support for auto formatting of date
  • [X] Extracting column headers logic must be change. Not to depend on first object
  • [X] Nested data showing support
  • [X] Row highlight support
  • [X] Row select callback
  • [X] Wrap filters in expansion tile
  • [X] Pagination support
  • [ ] Add option to change header row to vertical row on left

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