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Kaetram is an open-source game engine created to aid those interested in entering the game development realm, and intended to be used as a learning tool. The codebase is simple, clean, and intuitive. The original idea is based on Little Workshop's demo game—BrowserQuest (BQ), and uses original BQ assets as well as custom-made ones. The entire codebase has been rewritten from scratch using more modern approaches.

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Demo 1

Demo 2

Demo 3


BQ was intended as an experiment to showcase HTML5 capabilities, since then, technology has only served to advance. Kaetram contains a lot of ideas and features that build on top of its predecessor, a couple being:

  • Multiplayer using Socket.IO.
  • Enhanced rendering engine (includes dynamic lighting, overlays, animated tiles).
  • Region system (client receives only necessary data and saves it).
  • Questing and achievements system.
  • Plugin-based combat system (for bosses/special enemies).
  • Supports RESTful API.
  • Discord server integration.
  • Cross-server private messaging and interactions.
  • Yarn v3 with workspaces for monorepo packaging.
  • And much more!

Get Started


You must first install Node.js to run the project, and optionally install MongoDB to store user data on the server.

NOTE: Node.js

You need to use a Node.js version greater than or equal to v12.20.0, following the Long Term Support (LTS) schedule, to have the most stable experience when developing/experimenting with Kaetram. Older versions would not work with our current package manager and dependencies.


MongoDB is not a requirement for Kaetram to run, but you can store and save user data if you install it and run an online environment with all the features enabled. To do this, see Configuration, and set OFFLINE_MODE=false. If you do choose to install MongoDB, a user is not necessary, but you can enable authentication with the MONGODB_AUTH setting.


You will then need to install Yarn using

npm install -g yarn

After installing Yarn, install the dependencies by simply running



To run live development builds, use

yarn dev

To create production builds, run

yarn build

Then, to run each production build, use

yarn start

Add --host to the end to make the game visible on your network.


Optionally, if you would want some additional configuration, There will see a file named .env.defaults, and it's values will be used unless overridden by a new .env file, or by setting environmental variables.

Copy and rename .env.defaults to .env, and modify the contents to fit your needs.

Keep in mind, you have to rebuild the client every time you change your configuration.



The region system sends data to the client according to the map data of the server. The collisions are checked both server-side and client-side to avoid cheating. The region system makes use of dynamic tiles, which are unlocked according to a player's progress. Furthermore, there is integrated support for instancing, where we can use a section of the map (or clone it), and reuse it for certain groups of players. The instancing is perfect for activities such as minigames, where we will want to run multiple instances in parallel.


Kaetram is built with modularity in mind, as such, the client supports multiple tileset parsing. The tilemap can easily be constructed using the Tiled Map Editor. Using our map parsing tool, you can easily export your creation to both the client and the server.

Map Parsing

Once finished modifying your map in packages/tools/map/data/, you can parse the map data by executing yarn exportmap inside the packages/tools/ directory.

Example command:

yarn exportmap ./data/map.json

To build the current game map, you can run

yarn map

Kaetram Hub

There is also support for a hub server. This can help connect servers across one another, allowing players to interact with their friends across them in a variety of ways (private messaging and guilds). Furthermore, the hub serves as a gateway for determining what server to place players in. If a server is full, it simply returns another server that has room for the player.

To enable using the hub server, see Configuration, and set these values to true.



Here we have The Roadmap Project Board. This is the main board of the Kaetram-Open project. A kind of Kanban tasks board for tracking and presenting the progress to the community. Here we plan, prioritize and track our work.

See also the open issues for a list of proposed features (and known issues).



  • Finalize the new map.
  • Polish mob attributes.
  • Have a consistent storyline that goes with the game.
  • Implement special abilities and weapon perks.
  • Improve anti-cheating detections.
  • Add PvP
  • Add minigames (PvP, Capture the Flag, Hold the Base)
  • Improve client/server synchronization for all players
  • Add player trading abilities
  • Transition to a more suitable WebGL framework
  • Add friends list
  • Improve the enchanting system
  • Make bosses more responsive
  • All trees in the world must be cuttable

Codebase Development

  • Write documentation outlining the entirety of the source code.
  • Improvements and optimizations to the lighting system.


  • Add (continue) to NPC talking—spacebar when talking



Patreon –

Open Collective –






License & Commission

For all inquiries about purchasing a different license or commission work, please contact @Vanity on Discord.

This project is distributed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0. See LICENSE for more information.

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