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Dashboards As Resources in Kubernetes.

DARK provides a way to define and deploy Grafana dashboards via Kubernetes, next to the services they monitor.

If you are looking for a way to version your dashboards and deploy them across all environments, like you would do with your services, then this project is meant for you.

Design goals

  • full description of dashboards via YAML
  • compatibility with kubectl
  • seamless integration with Grafana
  • delegate YAML decoding and dashboard generation to Grabana


Note: review these manifests to ensure that they fit your cluster's configuration.

Setup the CRD:

kubectl apply -f k8s/crd.yaml

Add the ClusterRole and ClusterRoleBinding to grant ServiceAccount API access to the new GrafanaDashboard resource:

kubectl apply -f k8s/cluster-role.yaml

Create a secret to store Grafana's API token (with editor access level):

kubectl create secret generic dark-tokens --from-literal=grafana=TOKEN_HERE

Deploy DARK's controller:

kubectl apply -f k8s/deployment.yaml

Dashboard definition

Define a dashboard:

# k8s/example-dashboard.yml
kind: GrafanaDashboard

  # must be unique across dashboards
  name: example-dashboard

folder: "Awesome folder"
  title: Awesome dashboard

  shared_crosshair: true
  tags: [generated, yaml]
  auto_refresh: 10s

    - interval:
        name: interval
        label: interval
        default: 1m
        values: [30s, 1m, 5m, 10m, 30m, 1h, 6h, 12h]

    - name: Prometheus
        - graph:
            title: HTTP Rate
            height: 400px
            datasource: prometheus-default
              - prometheus:
                  query: "rate(promhttp_metric_handler_requests_total[$interval])"
                  legend: "{{handler}} - {{ code }}"
        - graph:
            title: Heap allocations
            height: 400px
            datasource: prometheus-default
              - prometheus:
                  query: "go_memstats_heap_alloc_bytes"
                  legend: "{{job}}"

For more information on the YAML schema used to describe dashboards, see Grabana.

Apply the configuration:

kubectl apply -f k8s/example-dashboard.yml

And verify that the dashboard was created:

kubectl get dashboards
kubectl get events | grep dark

Converting Grafana JSON dashboard to YAML

To ease the transition from existing, raw Grafana dashboards to DARK, a converter is provided. It takes the path to a JSON dashboard and a path for the destination YAML file.

docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/workspace kphoen/dark-converter:latest convert-yaml -i dashboard.json -o converted-dashboard.yaml

Converting Grafana JSON dashboard to a Kubernetes manifest

docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/workspace kphoen/dark-converter:latest convert-k8s-manifest -i dashboard.json -o converted-dashboard.yaml test-dashboard


This library is under the MIT license.

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