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A highly dynamic vue stars rating component, similar to google play stars rating
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React Native Rate5571324 months ago27September 14, 202113Objective-C
Send your app users to Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon, or other using the newest APIs
React Native In App Review514
3 months ago44April 16, 202219mitJavaScript
The Google Play In-App Review API, App store rating API lets you prompt users to submit Play Store or App store ratings and reviews without the inconvenience of leaving your app or game.
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AppRater Library for Android
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Play2 module for rate limiting, based on token bucket algorithm
Rate Me84
6 years ago9March 13, 20155mitJava
Android library that shows a dialog to let the user rate this app in the Google Play store
Vue Stars Rating84
52 years ago9June 29, 201910Vue
A highly dynamic vue stars rating component, similar to google play stars rating
a year ago2apache-2.0Java
Android library that lets you prompt users to rate your application on their appstore (e.g. Google Play)
Cfbd Python61
6 months ago62December 09, 20217Python
Alternatives To Vue Stars Rating
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A Highly Customizable, easy-to-use elegant stars rating component (similar to Google Play)

MIT License view on npm

For a walkthrough blogpost about how I implemented this component you can head to my medium post


4.8 star rating

Edit Vue Template


Install via NPM npm i vue-dynamic-star-rating

Then require in your project:

var StarRating = require('vue-dynamic-star-rating');

or ES6 syntax:

import StarRating from 'vue-dynamic-star-rating'

Then you can register the component globally:

Vue.component('star-rating', StarRating);

Or in your Vue component:

components: {

You can then use the following selector anywhere in your project:

  • To get up and running quick the package now supports rendering just the selector with default values


The component <star-rating></star-rating> support various property. You can use either :

  • rating to define the default rating value
  • star-style to define the style that applies to the rating. If not provided, the default values are used.
  • is-indicator-active to determine if an indicator should be enabled.


Property Type Description Default
rating Number A number between 0.0-5.0 that will determine the fullness of the 5-stars rating polygons 1
isIndicatorActive Boolean A property that deteremines weather a rating indicator would show to the right true
starStyle Object See the following "Customized Styling" section below { "fullStarColor" : "#ed8a19", "emptyStarColor" : "#737373", "starWidth" : 20, "starHeight" : 20 }

Customized Styling

Property Type Description Default
fullStarColor string Set the full or partially-full star color #ed8a19
emptyStarColor string Set the empty or partially-empty star color #737373
starWidth number Set the star width 20
starHeight number Set the star height 20

Implementation Example

Define your config options object in the component importing StarRating e.g

data: function() {
    return {
        rating: 4.7,
        starStyle: {
            fullStarColor: '#ed8a19',
            emptyStarColor: '#737373',
            starWidth: 30,
            starHeight: 30

And bind it to the selector like so

<star-rating :rating="rating" :star-style="starStyle"></star-rating>

Feedback would be much appreciated, questions, suggestions, issues are more than welcome.

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