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FBBOTW: A Facebook Messenger Platform API Wrapper

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This wrapper makes it simpler to user the Facebook Messenger platform wrapping the endpoints as functions.

For exemple, to send a text message to the user you can easily do:

from fbbotw import fbbotw
# ...

user_fbid = "<user fb id>"
my_message = "Hello World"

fbbotw.post_text_message(fbid=user_fbid, message=my_message)
# The user with the specified fbid will receive the text 'Hello World'

This is much less code than the traditional way to call the Send API and send a text. Using requests and json you probably would do like this:

  fbid = "<user psid>"
  message = "Hello World"
  url = '{0}'
  url = url.format(PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN)
  header = {"Content-Type": "application/json"}
  payload = {}
  payload['recipient'] = {'id': fbid}
  payload['message'] = {'text': message}
  data = json.dumps(payload)
  response =, headers=header, data=data)

Learn more about the fbbotw methods by reading the DOCS

Get Started

1- Install

pip install fbbotw

2 - Configure it

The only configuration needed is to set the PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN with the value you got from the facebook app dashboard. If you are using Django, create the variable in your If not, define the variable in your enviroment:

2.1 - Django

1 - In your define the variable PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN that was generated on the app configuration from facebook.
PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN = "<your access token>"

2.2 - Not Django

Create an os environment variable called PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN:

export PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN='<your access token>'

3 - Import and Use it

After setting the access token, just import and use fbbotw methods:

from fbbotw import fbbotw

fbbotw.post_sender_action(fbid="<user psid>", sender_action="typing_on")

See the documentation to learn about the methods provided by the package.


Current wrapper covering for the Menssenger Platform 2.0

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