RestFB is a simple and flexible Facebook Graph API client written in Java.
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Facepy82719473 years ago39April 04, 20203mitPython
Facepy makes it really easy to use Facebook's Graph API
Restfb736561263 days ago140June 07, 202215mitJava
RestFB is a simple and flexible Facebook Graph API client written in Java.
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5 years agoMay 24, 20213mitGo
The Unofficial Coin Market Cap API client for Go.
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Office 365 client for Java
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Collection of resources related to Computer Science
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A Fullstack Ethereum Dashboard app
Microsoft Graph Sdk Android5
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[DEPRECATED] Microsoft Graph SDK for Android
a month agoJinja
Philadelphia Indego Bicycle Stations
2 months agoJava
Algorithms, structures - smth for fundamental knowledges!
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RestFB (

What it is

RestFB is a pure Java Facebook Graph API client with no external dependencies.

It was created by Mark Allen and is maintained by Norbert Bartels along with a worldwide team of contributors.


RestFB uses other open-source software - see the LICENSE.*.txt files. RestFB itself is open source software released under the terms of the MIT License.


RestFB is a single JAR - just drop it into your app and you're ready to go. Download it from Maven Central:

Maven Central

Building it Yourself

Just type

mvn package

and the jars will be built and can be found in the target folder.

Usage and examples

We provide well-curated documentation with many code examples. These are all clearly commented and give a good overview of the functionality RestFB provides.

Additionally, you can take a look at the integration tests here on GitHub. Some interesting use cases are exercised there and you can get a good idea of the different features that are provided by RestFB.

There is also the example project on GitHub. It contains a suite of tools that can be triggered via Maven calls. Additionally, for the fetching and publishing example, you can find a JavaFX code sample, that shows how you can use an embedded browser to fetch a user access token.

Sponsors and Backers

You like RestFB and you like to support the development, but you cannot contribute any code? Then we have good news for you. We added the sponsor button to this repository, and you can join the list of sponsors with a simple click.

Please check the different tiers. We have a suitable for everyone. Depending on the tier, you even get a place on the official RestFB website with your name, company logo, link and more.

Getting in touch

  • GitHub Issues: If you have ideas, bugs, or problems with RestFB, just open a new issue.
  • Facebook Page: Like our Facebook page to get the latest updates.
  • Facebook Messenger: Contact us via Facebook Messenger and we will help to solve your RestFB problem.
  • Stackoverflow: Questions about RestFB are answered on Stackoverflow. We'll help you there, too.
  • Google Groups: If you'd like to talk to other RestFB users, just send a message to our Google Group!
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