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Multiplatform plotting library based on Grammar of Graphics
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Bokeh18,3482,9368416 hours ago186November 09, 2023766bsd-3-clausePython
Interactive Data Visualization in the browser, from Python
Scientific Visualization Book9,367
6 months ago17otherPython
An open access book on scientific visualization using python and matplotlib
Uplot8,17936a day ago58October 27, 202399mitJavaScript
📈 A small, fast chart for time series, lines, areas, ohlc & bars
Clip5,1371743 years ago32June 25, 20131apache-2.0C++
Create charts from the command line
Scottplot4,0183249 hours ago141October 03, 202347mitC#
Interactive plotting library for .NET
4 days ago87mitC++
Immediate Mode Plotting
Plotnine3,633127132a day ago20November 06, 202385mitPython
A Grammar of Graphics for Python
Quantstats3,486262 months ago62July 05, 202263apache-2.0Python
Portfolio analytics for quants, written in Python
Chartify3,393552 months ago25October 12, 202348apache-2.0Python
Python library that makes it easy for data scientists to create charts.
Plotters3,220516021 days ago37June 16, 2023103mitRust
A rust drawing library for high quality data plotting for both WASM and native, statically and realtimely 🦀 📈🚀
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official JetBrains project License MIT Latest Release

Lets-Plot is a multiplatform plotting library based on the Grammar of Graphics.

The library' design is heavily influenced by Leland Wilkinson work The Grammar of Graphics describing the deep features that underlie all statistical graphics.

This grammar [...] is made up of a set of independent components that can be composed in many different ways. This makes [it] very powerful because you are not limited to a set of pre-specified graphics, but you can create new graphics that are precisely tailored for your problem.

We provide ggplot2-like plotting API for Python and Kotlin users.

Lets-Plot for Python Latest Release

A bridge between R (ggplot2) and Python data visualization.
To learn more see the documentation site at lets-plot.org.

Lets-Plot Kotlin API Latest Release


Create plots in Kotlin Notebook, Datalore, Jupyter with Kotlin Kernel
or any other notebook that supports Kotlin Kernel.
To learn more see the Lets-Plot Kotlin API project at GitHub.

Compose Multiplatform

Embed Lets-Plot charts in Compose Multiplatform applications.
To learn more see the Lets-Plot Skia Frontend project at GitHub.

JVM and Kotlin/JS

Embed Lets-Plot charts in JVM (Swing, JavaFX) and Kotlin/JS applications. \ To learn more see the Lets-Plot Kotlin API project at GitHub.

"Lets-Plot in SciView" plugin

JetBrains Plugins JetBrains plugins

Scientific mode in PyCharm and in IntelliJ IDEA provides support for interactive scientific computing and data visualization.

Lets-Plot in SciView plugin adds support for interactive plotting to IntelliJ-based IDEs with the Scientific mode enabled.

Note: The Scientific mode is NOT available in communinty editions of JetBrains IDEs.

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What is new in 4.1.0

Change Log

See CHANGELOG.md for other changes and fixes.

Code of Conduct

This project and the corresponding community are governed by the JetBrains Open Source and Community Code of Conduct. Please make sure you read it.


Code and documentation released under the MIT license. Copyright © 2019-2023, JetBrains s.r.o.

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