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Provide Fast and Secure Application Delivery / 提供快速、安全的应用交付

Janusec Application Gateway

Introduction Slides / 介绍PPT:



Key Features (主要特性)

  • Fast Delivery (快速): Web-based Configuration (Web化配置)

  • Security (安全)

    • Secure Access (安全接入): Enable HTTPS by One Click (一键启用HTTPS)

    • Secure Authentication (安全认证):

      • OAuth2: WxWork(企业微信), DingTalk(钉钉), Feishu(飞书)
      • LDAP + Authenticator 2FA (LDAP+认证码双因子)
      • CAS 2.0
    • Secure Defense (安全防御)

      • WAF (Web Application Firewall), Block SQL Injection, XSS, Sensitive Data leakage etc. (拦截SQL注入/XSS/敏感数据泄露等)
      • Block CC Attacks (拦截CC攻击)
      • CAPTCHA (验证码)
    • Secure Operation (安全运维): Web SSH Operation (Web界面执行SSH运维)

    • Secure Storage (安全存储): Encryption of Private Key (加密证书私钥)

  • Scalable (可扩展)

    • Multiple Nodes Load Balance (多节点负载均衡)
    • Static Content Cache and Acceleration (静态文件缓存加速)

Screenshots (截图)

SQL Injection Screenshot (SQL注入截图)

Janusec Application Gateway Screenshot

Sensitive Data Leakage Screenshot (敏感信息泄露截图)

Janusec Application Gateway Screenshot

Product Web Site (产品网站)



Requirements (需求)

  • PostgreSQL 10/11/12+ (Required by Development and Primary Node of Deployment, 开发环境,及生产环境主节点需要)
  • Debian 9/10+, CentOS/RHEL 7/8+, Debian 10+ is preferred (首选Debian 10+)
  • systemd
  • nftables
  • Golang 1.15+ (Required by Development Only, 仅开发环境需要)

Quick Start for Deployment (部署快速指引)

Detailed documentation is available at: Janusec Application Gateway Quick Start.

详细文档可在这里获取: Janusec应用网关快速入门

如希望快速体验,可尝试使用 Docker镜像

Quick Start for Developer (开发快速指引)

git clone

Edit config.json (编辑config.json)

"host": "",
"port": "5432",
"user": "janusec",
"password": "123456",
"dbname": "janusec"

Janusec will encrypt the password automatically (Janusec将自动加密数据库口令)
Then (然后):

go build
su (switch to root)

Web Administration (Web管理入口)

When listen=false in config.json (当config.json中listen=false时 ,使用如下地址):

http://your_primary_node_ip_address/janusec-admin/ (first use / 首次使用)
https://your_application_domain_name/janusec-admin/ (after certificate configured / 配置证书后)

When listen=true in config.json (当config.json中listen=true时,使用如下地址):

http://your_primary_node_ip_address:9080/janusec-admin/ (first use / 首次使用)
https://your_primary_node_domain_name:9443/janusec-admin/ (after certificate configured / 配置证书和应用后)

When using primary node only, any application domain name can be used for admin. / 只使用主节点时,任意应用域名均可用于访问管理入口 But if you have one or more replica nodes, you should apply for a seperate domain name for primary node. / 如果使用了副本节点,应为主节点申请一个单独的域名。

Janusec Application Gateway Configuration / Janusec应用网关配置

Release (发布)

Only support Linux Now / 目前仅支持Linux

go build

The release package is under ./dist (生成的发布包位于./dist目录).

Web Administration Release (Web管理发布)

Release directory is ./static/janusec-admin/ , and source code is available at Janusec-Admin Github with Angular 9.
Web化管理所需的文件在 ./static/janusec-admin/ 目录, 源码在 Janusec-Admin Github ,前端源码使用Angular 9.


Janusec Application Gateway source files are made available under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License (GNU AGPLv3). / Janusec应用网关源文件使用GNU AGPLv3授权.

Support (支持)


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