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Dice Maiden

Dice Maiden
Dice Bot for Discord
Dice Maiden is a simple to use dice rolling bot perfect for any trpg sessions!

Quick Install

Follow the link to add the bot to your discord server :

This will authorize the bot for your server and you should see it in your default public channel. The bot will have permissions to read, send and manage messages.

NOTE: When you first add the bot to your server, it may show up as offline. This is normal! It can take some time for your server to be cached by the bot.

Manual Install

If you wish to host this yourself, Dice Maiden requires ruby version 2.4 or higher. Please check the Gemfile for the various gems required. To manage these gems, it is recommended to utilize Bundler.You will also need to create a bot which can be done at the discord developer section.

An ENV file (.env) must be created for storing your bots secret token and current shard count. Single instance bots will have a shard count of 1. This file must exist in the bots root directory. Example ENV file:

TOKEN: foobar

A single instance of Dice Maiden does not require a sqlite database to operate. Passing the command 'lite' at runtime will tell the bot to ignore any database requirement.

Example runtime command for a single bot instance: bundle exec ruby dice_maiden.rb 0 lite

Single instance Docker install

Another way to run a single instance of Dice Maiden is via docker. Before utilizing the docker image included with Dice Maiden, please make sure both docker and docker-compose are installed. Follow the steps below:

  1. Run git clone in your /opt directory. This may require sudo powers.
  2. run vim /opt/DiceMaiden/.env and add the following to the env file:
TOKEN: token obtained from your discord developer application

The docker-compose file created by this repo expects to find the .env file in /opt directory. This can be changed by editing the docker-compose file.

  1. Once the env file is created, make sure you are in the DiceMaiden directory by typing cd /opt/DiceMaiden. Once in the DiceMaiden directory, run docker-compose up -d to build the docker container.

NOTE: The initial run can take a bit as the container needs to download and install all the ruby gems and their dependencies. This isnt required again unless you rebuild the container.

If everything was successful, your Dice Maiden docker container should now be running! A couple helpful commands for docker newbies:

  1. View dicemaiden container logs: sudo docker logs -f dicemaiden
  2. Run commands inside dicemaiden container: sudo docker exec -it dicemaiden bash
  3. Start/stop/restart dicemaiden container: sudo docker start dicemaiden; sudo docker stop dicemaiden; sudo docker restart dicemaiden

If you wish to rebuild the container so that your bot is running the latest changes, run the following commands:

  1. Update the bot by running git pull origin master in the /opt/DiceMaiden directory
  2. Rebuild the docker container sudo docker-compose up -d --build


Found a bug? Have a feature request? Create an issue on github. Thanks!

You can also join the Discord Support server:

If you wish to support the bot and donate, you can do so via Patreon here or paypal via donate bot here!

How to use

Below are examples of the dice roll syntax.

!roll 2d6 + 3d10 : Roll two six-sided dice and three ten-sided dice.

!roll 3d6 + 5 : Roll three six-sided dice and add five. Other supported static modifiers are add (+), subtract (-), multiply (*), and divide (/).

!roll 3d6 e6 : Roll three six-sided dice and explode on sixes. Some game systems call this 'open ended' dice. If the number rolled is greater than or equal to the value given for this option, the die is rolled again and added to the total. If no number is given for this option, it is assumed to be the same as the number of sides on the die. Thus, '3d6 e' is the same as '3d6 e6'. The dice will only explode once with this command. Use "ie" for indefinite explosions.

!roll 3d6 ie6 : Roll three six-sided dice and explode on sixes indefinitely within reason. We will cap explosions at 100 rolls to prevent abuse.

!roll 3d10 d1 : Roll three ten-sided dice and drop one die. The lowest value will be dropped first. NOTE: These dice are dropped before any dice are kept with the following k command. Order of operations is : roll dice, drop dice, keep dice

!roll 3d10 k2 : Roll three ten-sided dice and keep two. The highest value rolled will be kept.

!roll 4d6 r2 : Roll four six-sided dice and reroll any that are equal to or less than two once. Use ir for indefinite rerolls.

!roll 4d6 ir2 : Roll four six-sided dice and reroll any that are equal to or less than two (and do the same to those dice). This is capped at 100 rerolls per die to prevent abuse.

!roll 6d10 t7 : Roll six ten-sided dice and any that are seven or higher are counted as a success. The dice in the roll are not added together for a total. Any die that meets or exceeds the target number is added to a total of successes.

!roll 5d10 t8 f1 : f# denotes a failure number that each dice must match or be beneath in order to count against successes. These work as a sort of negative success and are totaled together as described above. In the example roll, roll five ten-sided dice and each dice that is 8 or higher is a success and subtract each one. The total may be negative. If the option is given a 0 value, that is the same as not having the option at all thus a normal sum of all dice in the roll is performed instead.

!roll 4d10 kl3 : Roll four ten-sided dice and keep the lowest three dice rolled.

!roll purge 10: Purge the last 10 messages from channel. The purge value can be between 2 to 100 messages and requires the user to have the "manage messages" or "administrator" role.

!roll 4d6 ! Hello World!: Roll four six-sided dice and add comment to the roll.

!roll 6 4d6 : Roll 6 sets of four sixe-sided dice. A size of a set can be between 2 and 20.

!roll s 4d6 : Simplify roll output by not showing the tally.

!roll 4d6 ! unsort or !roll ul 4d6: Roll four six-sided dice and unsort the tally.

!roll help : Displays basic usage instructions.

!roll donate : Get donation information on how to help support the bot!

These commands can be combined. For example:

!roll 10d6 e6 k8 +4 : Roll ten six-sided dice , explode on sixes and keep eight of the highest rolls and add four.

Change Bot Command Prefix

The following examples outline how to change, reset, or check the command used by the bot.

!dm prefix foobar : Change the bots prefix to !foobar.

NOTE: A new command will have an ! added to the start of it. A command cannot be more than 10 characters, contain spaces, or be the following: "check" or "reset". The user must have the "manage messages" or "administrator" role. The bot will only respond to rolls with this new command.

!dm prefix reset : Reset the bots command to !roll

!dm prefix check : Checks the bots current command prefix

Set Bot Request Display

You can set the bot to display the actual roll executed as part of the bot response with this server-wide option. This is off by default. The user must have the "manage messages" or "administrator" role to make these changes.

!dm request show : Show the roll requests in the output.

!dm request hide : Hide the roll requests in the output.

Game Systems Specific Rolls

Warhammer 40k Wrath and Glory example syntaxes:

!roll wng 4d6 : Roll four six-sided dice with a wrath dice.

!roll wng dn2 4d6: Roll four six-sided dice with a wrath dice and a difficulty test of 2. The bot will append the test pass/fail status to the roll result!

!roll wng 4d6 !soak or !roll wng 4d6 !exempt or !roll wng 4d6 !dmg : Roll four six-sided dice without a wrath dice.

Dark Heresy 2nd edition syntaxes:

!roll dh 4d10 : Roll four ten-sided dice for dark heresy 2nd edition. If your roll contains a natural 10, you will be prompted with a righteous fury notification!

Alias Rolls

Alias rolls are commands that are shorthand for a longer, more complex comand. They can also change what the dice faces appear as in most cases. Below is the complete list of aliases , with example rolls, currently supported by Dice Maiden. Have a game system that you want turned into an alias? Create an issue on github to get it added to this list!

4cod -> 4d10 t8 ie10 Chronicles of Darkness. The first number is the number of dice to roll.

4wod8 -> 4d10 f1 ie10 t8 World of darkness 4th edition. The first number is the number of dice to roll and the second is the toughness of the check.

3df -> 3d3 t3 f1 Fudge dice from the fate RPG system. The number represents total dice rolled. This alias also outputs the dice faces as +//-.

3wh4+ -> 3d6 t4 Warhammer Age of Sigmar/40k style rolls. The first number is the amount of dice rolled and the second number is the target number.

dd34 -> (1d3 * 10) + 1d4 Double digit rolls. Uses the first number for the first digit and the second number for the second digit. This is sometimes used in warhammer as a "d66".

age -> 2d6 + 1d6 AGE system roll. The AGE system games use 3d6 for ability tests, with 1 of them typically being represented as a drama die, stunt die, dragon die etc. It is important that all three dice be rolled together but the drama die is able to be distinguished from the others. Example games include Fantasy Age, Dragon Age, Modern Age, Blue Rose, and The Expanse RPG.

+dX -> 2dX d1 Advantage roll where X is the dice sides value. Roll two dice and keep the highest.

-dX -> 2dX kl1 Disadvantage roll where X the dice sides value. Roll two dice and keep the lowest.

+d% -> ((2d10kl1-1) *10) + 1d10 Advantage roll for a percentile dice in a roll-under system. Rolls two tens and keeps the lowest.

-d% -> ((2d10k1-1) *10) + 1d10 Disadvantage roll for a percentile dice in a roll-under system. Rolls two tens and keeps the highest.

xd% -> d100 Simple shorthand for a d100 roll where x is the number of dice to roll.

snm5 -> 5d6 ie6 t4 Sunsails: New Millennium 4th edition. The number represents total dice rolled. Indefinitely explodes on sixes, with a target of four.

d6s4 -> 4d6 + 1d6 ie The D6 System. The number must be 1 lower than the total size of the dice pool as the wild die is automatically added for you. If you have some pips to add put them on the end (i.e. d6s4 +2 is the same as 4d6 + 1d6 ie + 2).

sr6 -> 6d6 t5 Shadowrun System. The number represents total dice rolled. Target to hit is 5 or higher.

sp4 -> 4d10 t8 ie10 Storypath system. The number represents total dice rolled. A d10 system with a target set to 8 and infinite explosion on 10.

6yz -> 6d6 t6 Year Zero system. The number represents the total dice rolled. A d6 system with a target set to 6.

dndstats -> 6 4d6 k3 DnD stat roll (4d6 drop lowest). This is supported by DnD 2nd edition, 3.5e, 5e and pathfinder 1e.

Earthdawn System:

!roll edX where X can be a value of 1 to 20. Earthdawn system has a plethora of ways to roll the dice and the table below breaks down the various options:

Roll Command Description
!roll ed1 1d4 ie - 2
!roll ed2 1d4 ie - 1
!roll ed3 1d4 ie
!roll ed4 1d6 ie
!roll ed5 1d8 ie
!roll ed6 1d10 ie
!roll ed7 1d12 ie
!roll ed8 2d6 ie
!roll ed9 1d8 ie + 1d6 ie
!roll ed10 2d8 ie
!roll ed11 1d10 ie + 1d8 ie
!roll ed12 2d10 ie
!roll ed13 1d12 ie + 1d10 ie
!roll ed14 2d12 ie
!roll ed15 1d12 ie + 2d6 ie
!roll ed16 1d12 ie + 1d8 ie + 1d6 ie
!roll ed17 1d12 ie + 2d8 ie
!roll ed18 1d12 ie + 1d10 ie + 1d8 ie
!roll ed19 1d20 ie + 2d6 ie
!roll ed20 1d20 ie + 1d8 ie + 1d6 ie
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