Spotify Websocket Api

Spotify Websocket API is a fully open source Spotify library based on the WebSocket API used in the Spotify Web beta
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Node Spotify Web63972146 years ago11December 11, 201450mitJavaScript
Node.js implementation of the Spotify Web protocol
Spotify Websocket Api389
8 years ago16Python
Spotify Websocket API is a fully open source Spotify library based on the WebSocket API used in the Spotify Web beta
Spotify Connect Ws46
5 years agoJavaScript
A Socket.IO plugin for interfacing with Spotify's Connect API using WebSockets.
a year ago7gpl-3.0TypeScript
Spotify WebSocket Activity API Library
4 years agoTypeScript
🎙Your Spotify playlists with voice interface. 🔬Empathy and the Web Speech Recognition API.
6 years agoCSS
Python powered music controlling webpage with websockets and bottle py (works with spotify, vlc, audacious, and others)
2 years agoDart
An app that switches music listened by users according to location
Stream Stuff6
a year agoPython
Stream layout written with ember
Spotify Rooms5
a year ago18mitTypeScript
👂 Listen to Spotify together (WIP)
5 years ago19TypeScript
Social sound list for Spotify made with Angular and WebSockets
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Spotify WebSocket API Build Status

Getting started

NOTE: This API will only work with paid Spotify accounts. I'm perfectly fine with this restriction and won't be attempting to circumvent it, nor will I merge patches that do. It'd only end in a game of cat and mouse which is a waste of everyone's time. If you like Spotify, buy a Premium account and tell the industry that it's a great payment model for music.

Firstly, try out the demo script to make sure you've got the dependencies installed properly:

  • requests >= 1.0
  • ws4py
  • protobuf
  • lxml

Then you can try one of the example scripts

cd examples
python <username> <password> album

This should show an album title and a list of track titles for it.

Using the API is pretty simple, here's the basics:

sp = Spotify("username", "password")
results ="carly rae jepsen")
for track in results.getTrack()
  print track

Experimental client

Included is an experimental client called respotify, based on this API. It's almost identical to despotify-simple in terms of functionality. Be sure to have the following additional dependencies installed:

  • cherrypy

Once you've installed these, you can run the client like this:

cd clients/respotify
./ <username> <password>

                                   _    ___       
                               _  (_)  / __)      
  ____ _____  ___ ____   ___ _| |_ _ _| |__ _   _ 
 / ___) ___ |/___)  _ \ / _ (_   _) (_   __) | | |
| |   | ____|___ | |_| | |_| || |_| | | |  | |_| |
|_|   |_____|___/|  __/ \___/  \__)_| |_|   \__  |
                 |_|                       (____/ 

info		shows account information
play		plays the track with given index
help		shows help information
stop		stops any currently playing track
album		view the album for a specific track
quit		quits the application
artist		view the artist for a specific track
list		lists your rootlist or a playlist
uri		lists metadata for a URI (album)
next		plays the next track in the current playlist
current		shows the current playlist we're playing
prev		plays the previous track in the current playlist


What's implemented?

  • Login via username/password
  • Metadata retrieval (track/album/artist)
  • Playlist and rootlist support (add/remove tracks, creation/renaming/deletion)
  • Toplists for both regions and users (track/album/artist only)
  • Starring/unstarring tracks
  • MP3 playback URL retrieval

What's NOT implemented?

  • Inbox (not currently supported via the web client it appears)
  • Subscribing to playlist updates
  • Social functionality


Want to help out? Great! Here's a a list of things that need doing or improving:

  • An example graphical client using the API (preferably multi-platform, OSX/Linux)
  • Anything from the unimplemented list above

Want to write a library in another language?

If you'd like to help out with this library or write a new one for another language do let me know and pop into #despotify on EFnet. I'm aware of people working on Java and Node.js libraries currently, more are of course welcome.

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