Stream Stuff

Stream layout written with ember
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Streamlink Twitch Gui2,459
2 days ago40mitJavaScript
A multi platform browser for Streamlink
Ember Admin Dashboards164
4 years ago4otherHTML
DEPRECATED. An Ember-Cli Project - Starter admin template based on AdminLTE. Has an example real data dashboard using twitter stream.
Emberconf 2017100
6 years ago2mitJavaScript
A collection of links that summarize EmberConf 2017
Stream Example Parse45
7 years agoJavaScript
Ember Twitter Demo9
8 years agomitJavaScript
Demo Ember.js application that displays a Twitter stream
Streaming Stack7
9 years agomitJavaScript
Simple example of an ember/node/neo4j stack that streams from database to client.
Stream Stuff6
2 years agoPython
Stream layout written with ember
Alternatives To Stream Stuff
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Stream Stuff

All the code that powers my stream! It is written in 3 different servers:

  1. A django backend. Used for storing/persisting data as well as doing image & video manipulation.
  2. An ember front end server. Used for easy controls for me as well as displaying plugins to twitch users.
  3. A node socket server. A tiny node server that sets up a bunch of websockets and communicates messages across them.

The code that's written here probably can't be reused very easily, so sorry about that. The stuff I've done so far:

Google Home Voice Commands

I setup webhooks using ifttt to use google voice processing without having to pay for their service (genius I know).

Admiral Lightning Bot

Aka he who shall not be named. A terrible bot that uses voice commands to activate different parts of my code. It can:

  • Play sounds
  • Say stuff
  • Clip the stream

Works as intended approximately 10% of the time.

Sound Board

Allows for playing & uploading sounds from the front end client. Uses global keybindings so I can play sounds from anywhere. Easily integrates with the rest of the django server to allow for playing sounds from scripts and the like.


Talking with OBS via websockets is a magical thing, and it allows for some pretty funny stuff:


Spotify Currently Playing

Polls spotify for currently playing song. Automatically handles reauth, intial auth needs to be done via Oauth.


Ask chat a question and have them vote live!


Typing !bigBrain or !smallBrain in chat affects the size of a brain displayed on screen. It's dumb but it's the first thing I did to get used to chat integrations.

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