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  • Keira2 is no longer mantained and it has been replaced by Keira3

Keira2 the TrinityCore Database Web-Editor

This software is a Database Editor web application for the TrinityCore MMORPG framework built with AngularJS and using the TrinityCore JSON RESTful API to retrieve database data.

Keira2 allows the user to edit the database via GUI and generates automatically the SQL code for him/her. It is inspired by the old Quice/Truice database editor, originally developed by indomit, and by the Discover-'s SAI Editor.

Using Keira2, you can edit SmartAI, Quests, Creatures, Spawns, Loots, GameObjects, Items, Characters, etc...

Also you can change the GUI style choosing a different graphic theme using the theme-switcher button. There are several themes, light and dark ones.


Live demo

A live demo is available here. You can use it for production but be aware that its database may not be updated to the latest version.

Also you can help us by testing the development version without installing it, simply using our development live demo. Remember to clear your browser cache before testing it and report any bug or suggestion.


Keira2 fetches data from an istance of the TrinityCore JSON API, it can be installed either on the same machine or on an external one.

You can install an istance of the TrinityCore JSON API using this guide.

Once you have installed the API, download the latest release of Keira2 and extract the Keira2 folder and place is inside your web server directory (e.g. /var/www/).

Then open the Keira2 folder and copy the file config.js.dist to config.js, open it and set it properly with the path of the API:

app.api = "../TC-JSON-API/public/index.php/";

replace "../TC-JSON-API/public/index.php/" with the path of your API istance.

If you have the TrinityCore JSON API on an external machine, you should set it like:

app.api = "";


or you can donate to support us



Keira2 is open-sourced software licensed under the GNU AGPL license.


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