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Kodtrol screenshot

(Curious to see what the project in this screenshot looks like? Here it is.)

A refactor is in progress before the first official beta. See what's brewing on the-big-refactor branch.

Note: this software is still in alpha stage. Use at your own risk; expect breaking changes without prior notice.

There is no executable build yet. Still an Electron noob. See "Local development / run from source" below.

Features roadmap (in no particular order)

  • Open Fixture Library integration
  • OSC/MSC/Serial outputs
  • MIDI timecode sync
  • Helpers Hub (where users can post their script helpers and share them)
  • Manual and docs on
  • Display a nice first time "welcome" screen

Local development / run from source


  • Node.js >= 10.x.x
  • npm >= 3.6.x

Clone the repository and cd into it.

npm install
npm run rebuild
npm run dev

And in another terminal, run:

npm start

Note that when starting the app the first time, you won't have an active project preloaded yet. Just go to File > Create project... to create one.

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