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A curated list of awesome Gradient frameworks, libraries and software and resources



  • auroral - Animated background gradients with pure CSS.
  • nib - Stylus mixins, utilities, components, and gradient image generation.
  • webgradients - A curated collection of splendid gradients made in CSS3, .sketch and .PSD formats.





  • ahoy-onboarding - Onboarding library for android with Gradient, Image or Solid color backgrounds.
  • AnimatedGradientTextView - An Android TextView, using animated color gradients.
  • Ariana - Provide Multiple Gradients in ImageViews and Texts. Integrate with ViewPager to change colors dynamically.
  • Gradient-Artist - Learning to create Android UI library.
  • GradientDrawableTuner - See how the properties of Android's "shape" affect the Drawable's appearance, intuitively.
  • GradientLayout - A library which extends Android layouts to allow for the easy configuring of gradient backgrounds.
  • MusicWave - With MusicWave represent your Sound in a gradient colored Visualization.
  • ProgressRoundButton - A DownloadProgressButton with Animation for Android.



  • AvatarView - A circular Image View with a lot of perks. Including progress animation and highlight state with borders and gradient color.
  • co.revely.gradient - An Android library for easy gradient management.
  • Gradients - A curated collection of splendid gradients (port of for Android)
  • Spark - An Android library to create gradient animation like Instagram&Spotify.


  • OCSkeleton - Make your loading view a little difference.



  • AEConicalGradient - Conical (angular) gradient for iOS.
  • AnimatedGradientView - AnimatedGradientView Powerful gradient animations made simple for iOS.
  • AnimatedMaskLabel - A nice gradient animated label that make easy to add a shimmering effect to any view.
  • ComplimentaryGradientView - Create complementary gradients generated from dominant and prominent colors in supplied image.
  • DSGradientProgressView - A simple animated progress bar in Swift.
  • DynamicColor - Yet another extension to manipulate colors easily in Swift
  • EZYGradientView - Create gradients and blur gradients without a single line of code.
  • GradientCircularProgress - Customizable progress indicator library.
  • GradientLoadingBar - A customizable animated gradient loading bar.
  • GradientProgressBar - A customizable gradient progress bar (UIProgressView).
  • Gradients - A curated collection of splendid 180+ gradients made.
  • GradientSlider - GradientSlider is a UIControl subclass which is similar to UISlider, but with a linear gradient coloring the sliders track. Useful for creating color pickers.
  • GradientView - Easily use gradients in UIKit for iOS & tvOS.
  • Hue - Hue is the all-in-one coloring utility that you'll ever need.
  • KDCircularProgress - A circular progress view with gradients written in Swift.
  • MKGradientView - Highly customizable Core Graphics based gradient view for iOS.
  • Pastel - Gradient animation effect like Instagram.
  • Randient - Radient, random gradients in Swift.
  • RHPlaceholder - Show pleasant loading view for your users
  • Shift - Animate gradient changes with time or motion for iOS.
  • Skeleton - An easy way to create sliding CAGradientLayer animations.
  • SkeletonView - An elegant way to show users that something is happening and also prepare them to which contents he is waiting.
  • Tamamushi - Gradient NavigationBar library.
  • UIGradient - A simple and powerful library for using gradient layer, image, color.


  • uiGradients - Beautiful colour gradients for design and code.

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