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Common solutions and tools developed by Google Cloud's Professional Services team.

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The examples folder contains example solutions across a variety of Google Cloud Platform products. Use these solutions as a reference for your own or extend them to fit your particular use case.


The tools folder contains ready-made utilities which can simplify Google Cloud Platform usage.

  • Agile Machine Learning API - A web application which provides the ability to train and deploy ML models on Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine, and visualize the predicted results using LIME through simple post request.
  • Airpiler - A python script to convert Autosys JIL files to dag-factory format to be executed in Cloud Composer (managed airflow environment).
  • Anthos Bare Metal Installer - An ansible playbook that can be used to install Anthos Bare Metal.
  • Apache Beam Client Throttling - A library that can be used to limit the number of requests from an Apache Beam pipeline to an external service. It buffers requests to not overload the external service and activates client-side throttling when the service starts rejecting requests due to out of quota errors.
  • API Key Rotation Checker - A tool that checks your GCP organization for API keys and compares them to a customizable rotation period. Regularly rotating API keys is a Google and industry standard recommended best practice.
  • AssetInventory - Import Cloud Asset Inventory resourcs into BigQuery.
  • Ansible Module for Anthos on Bare Metal - Ansible module for installation of Anthos on Bare Metal
  • BigQuery Discount Per-Project Attribution - A tool that automates the generation of a BigQuery table that uses existing exported billing data, by attributing both CUD and SUD charges on a per-project basis.
  • BigQuery Query Plan Exporter - Command line utility for exporting BigQuery query plans in a given date range.
  • BigQuery Query Plan Visualizer - A web application which provides the ability to visualise the execution stages of BigQuery query plans to aid in the optimization of queries.
  • BigQuery z/OS Mainframe Connector - A utility used to load COBOL MVS data sets into BigQuery and execute query and load jobs from the IBM z/OS Mainframe.
  • BigQuery Policy Tag Utility - Utility class for tagging BQ Table Schemas with Data Catalog Taxonomy Policy Tags. Create BQ Authorized Views using Policy Tags. Helper utility to provision BigQuery Dataset, Data Catalog Taxonomy and Policy Tags.
  • Boolean Organization Policy Enforcer - A tool to find the projects that do not set a boolean organization policy to its expected state, subsequently, set the organization policy to its expected set.
  • CloudConnect - A package that automates the setup of dual VPN tunnels between AWS and GCP.
  • Cloudera Parcel GCS Connector - This script helps you create a Cloudera parcel that includes Google Cloud Storage connector. The parcel can be deployed on a Cloudera managed cluster. This script helps you create a Cloudera parcel that includes Google Cloud Storage connector. The parcel can be deployed on a Cloudera managed cluster.
  • Cloud AI Vision Utilities - This is an installable Python package that provides support tools for Cloud AI Vision. Currently there are a few scripts for generating an AutoML Vision dataset CSV file from either raw images or image annotation files in PASCAL VOC format.
  • CUD Prioritized Attribution - A tool that allows GCP customers who purchased Committed Use Discounts (CUDs) to prioritize a specific scope (e.g. project or folder) to attribute CUDs first before letting any unconsumed discount float to other parts of an organization.
  • Custom Role Analyzer - This tool will provide useful insights with respect to custom roles at organization level as well as project level to find predefined roles from which the custom role is built.
  • Custom Role Manager - Manages organization- or project-level custom roles by combining predefined roles and including and removing permissions with wildcards. Can run as Cloud Function or output Terraform resources.
  • Composer Backup and Recovery - A command line tool for applying backup and recovery operations on Cloud Composer Airflow environments.
  • DataStream Deployment Automation - Python script to automate the deployment of Google Cloud DataStream. This script will create connection profiles, create stream and start stream.
  • DNS Sync - Sync a Cloud DNS zone with GCE resources. Instances and load balancers are added to the cloud DNS zone as they start from compute_engine_activity log events sent from a pub/sub push subscription. Can sync multiple projects to a single Cloud DNS zone.
  • Firewall Enforcer - Automatically watch & remove illegal firewall rules across organization. Firewall rules are monitored by a Cloud Asset Inventory Feed, which trigger a Cloud Function that inspects the firewall rule and deletes it if it fails a test.
  • GCE Disk Encryption Converter - A tool that converts disks attached to a GCE VM instance from Google-managed keys to a customer-managed key stored in Cloud KMS.
  • GCE switch disk-type - A tool that changes type of disks attached to a GCE instance.
  • GCE Quota Sync - A tool that fetches resource quota usage from the GCE API and synchronizes it to Stackdriver as a custom metric, where it can be used to define automated alerts.
  • GCE Usage Log - Collect GCE instance events into a BigQuery dataset, surfacing your vCPUs, RAM, and Persistent Disk, sliced by project, zone, and labels.
  • GCP Architecture Visualizer - A tool that takes CSV output from a Forseti Inventory scan and draws out a dynamic hierarchical tree diagram of org -> folders -> projects -> gcp_resources using the D3.js javascript library.
  • GCP Organization Hierarchy Viewer - A CLI utility for visualizing your organization hierarchy in the terminal.
  • GCPViz - a visualization tool that takes input from Cloud Asset Inventory, creates relationships between assets and outputs a format compatible with graphviz.
  • GCS Bucket Mover - A tool to move user's bucket, including objects, metadata, and ACL, from one project to another.
  • GCS Usage Recommender - A tool that generates bucket-level intelligence and access patterns across all projects for a GCP project to generate recommended object lifecycle management.
  • GCS to BigQuery - A tool fetches object metadata from all Google Cloud Storage buckets and exports it in a format that can be imported into BigQuery for further analysis.
  • GKE Billing Export - Google Kubernetes Engine fine grained billing export.
  • Google Cloud Support Slackbot - Slack application that pulls Google Cloud support case information via the Cloud Support API and pushes the information to Slack
  • GSuite Exporter Cloud Function - A script that deploys a Cloud Function and Cloud Scheduler job that executes the GSuite Exporter tool automatically on a cadence.
  • GSuite Exporter - A Python package that automates syncing Admin SDK APIs activity reports to a GCP destination. The module takes entries from the chosen Admin SDK API, converts them into the appropriate format for the destination, and exports them to a destination (e.g: Stackdriver Logging).
  • Hive to BigQuery - A Python framework to migrate Hive table to BigQuery using Cloud SQL to keep track of the migration progress.
  • IAM Permissions Copier - This tool allows you to copy supported GCP IAM permissions from unmanaged users to managed Cloud Identity users.
  • IAM Recommender at Scale - A python package that automates applying iam recommendations.
  • Instance Mapper - Maps different IaaS VM instance types from EC2 and Azure Compute to Google Cloud Platform instance types using a customizable score-based method. Also supports database instances.
  • IPAM Autopilot - A simple tool for managing IP address ranges for GCP subnets.
  • LabelMaker - A tool that reads key:value pairs from a json file and labels the running instance and all attached drives accordingly.
  • Machine Learning Auto Exploratory Data Analysis and Feature Recommendation - A tool to perform comprehensive auto EDA, based on which feature recommendations are made, and a summary report will be generated.
  • Maven Archetype Dataflow - A maven archetype which bootstraps a Dataflow project with common plugins pre-configured to help maintain high code quality.
  • Netblock Monitor - An Apps Script project that will automatically provide email notifications when changes are made to Googles IP ranges.
  • OpenAPI to Cloud Armor converter - A simple tool to generate Cloud Armor policies from OpenAPI specifications.
  • Permission Discrepancy Finder - A tool to find the principals with missing permissions on a resource within a project, subsequently, grants them the missing permissions.
  • Pubsub2Inbox - A generic Cloud Function-based tool that takes input from Pub/Sub messages and turns them into email, webhooks or GCS objects.
  • Quota Manager - A python module to programmatically update GCP service quotas such as
  • Secret Manager Helper - A Java library to make it easy to replace placeholder strings with Secret Manager secret payloads.
  • Service Account Provider - A tool to exchange GitLab CI JWT tokens against GCP IAM access tokens, in order to allow GitLab CI jobs to access Google Cloud APIs
  • Site Verification Group Sync - A tool to provision "verified owner" permissions (to create GCS buckets with custom dns) based on membership of a Google Group.
  • SLO Generator - A Python package that automates computation of Service Level Objectives, Error Budgets and Burn Rates on GCP, and export the computation results to available exporters (e.g: PubSub, BigQuery, Stackdriver Monitoring), using policies written in JSON format.
  • Snowflake_to_BQ - A shell script to transfer tables (schema & data) from Snowflake to BigQuery.
  • SPIFFE GCP Proxy - A tool to ease the integration of SPIFFE supported On-Prem workloads with GCP APIs using Workload Identity Federation
  • STS Job Manager - A petabyte-scale bucket migration tool utilizing Storage Transfer Service
  • VPC Flow Logs Analysis - A configurable Log sink + BigQuery report that shows traffic attributed to the projects in the Shared VPCs.
  • VPC Flow Logs Enforcer - A Cloud Function that will automatically enable VPC Flow Logs when a subnet is created or modified in any project under a particular folder or folders.
  • VPC Flow Logs Top Talkers - A configurable Log sink + BigQuery view to generate monthly/daily aggregate traffic reports per subnet or host, with the configurable labelling of IP ranges and ports.
  • VM Migrator - This utility automates migrating Virtual Machine instances within GCP. You can migrate VM's from one zone to another zone/region within the same project or different projects while retaining all the original VM properties like disks, network interfaces, ip, metadata, network tags and much more.
  • Webhook Ingestion Data Pipeline - A deployable app to accept and ingest unauthenticated webhook data to BigQuery.
  • gmon - A command-line interface (CLI) for Cloud Monitoring written in Python.
  • Quota Monitoring and Alerting - An easy-to-deploy Data Studio Dashboard with alerting capabilities, showing usage and quota limits in an organization or folder.
  • XSD to BigQuery Schema Generator - A command line tool for converting an XSD schema representing deeply nested and repeated XML content into a BigQuery compatible table schema represented in JSON.


See the contributing instructions to get started contributing.


All solutions within this repository are provided under the Apache 2.0 license. Please see the LICENSE file for more detailed terms and conditions.


This repository and its contents are not an official Google Product.


Questions, issues, and comments should be directed to [email protected].

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