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Open Service Broker for Google Cloud Platform

This is a service broker built to be used with Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. It adheres to the Open Service Broker API v2.13.

Service brokers provide a consistent way to create resources and accounts that can access those resources across a variety of different services.

The GCP Service Broker provides support for:


This application can be installed as either a Tanzu Ops Man Tile or deployed as a Cloud Foundry application. See the installation instructions for a more detailed walkthrough.


If you're upgrading, check the upgrade guide.


For operators: see docs/ for details about configuring the service broker.

For developers: see docs/ for information about creating and binding specific GCP services with the broker. Complete Spring Boot sample applications which use services can be found in the service-broker-samples repository.

You can get documentation specific to your install from the /docs endpoint of your deployment.


The service broker can be run as both a server (the service broker) and as a general purpose command line utility. It supports the following sub-commands:

  • client - A CLI client for the service broker.
  • config - Show and merge configuration options together.
  • generate - Generate documentation and tiles.
  • help - Help about any command.
  • serve - Start the service broker.


Pull requests are unit-tested with Travis. You can run the same tests Travis does using go test ./....

Unit and integration tests may be run with Google Cloud Build. See the ci/ directory in this repository for instructions.


This is not an officially supported Google product.

File a GitHub issue for functional issues or feature requests and use GitHub's notification settings to watch the repository for new releases.


See the contributing file for more information.

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