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A curated list of awesome stuff for Google Cloud Platform.
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Rclone41,32943a day ago267November 26, 2023941mitGo
"rsync for cloud storage" - Google Drive, S3, Dropbox, Backblaze B2, One Drive, Swift, Hubic, Wasabi, Google Cloud Storage, Yandex Files
a day ago38agpl-3.0Elixir
Simple, open source, lightweight (< 1 KB) and privacy-friendly web analytics alternative to Google Analytics.
Awesome Kubernetes14,349
a month ago15otherShell
A curated list for awesome kubernetes sources :ship::tada:
19 days ago51
by ex-googlers, for ex-googlers - a lookup table of similar tech & services
Functions Samples11,870
a day ago155apache-2.0JavaScript
Collection of sample apps showcasing popular use cases using Cloud Functions for Firebase
a day ago148October 27, 2023167apache-2.0Go
Cloud cost estimates for Terraform in pull requests💰📉 Love your cloud bill!
Training Data Analyst7,184
2 days ago425apache-2.0Jupyter Notebook
Labs and demos for courses for GCP Training (
Python Docs Samples6,652
2 days ago2May 24, 2021107apache-2.0Jupyter Notebook
Code samples used on
Google Cloud Python4,424146a day ago39September 19, 202359apache-2.0Python
Google Cloud Client Library for Python
Golang Samples4,0241a day ago86June 28, 202361apache-2.0Go
Sample apps and code written for Google Cloud in the Go programming language.
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Awesome Google Cloud Platform Awesome Lint Awesome List

A curated list of awesome applications, tools, and resources for Google Cloud Platform. Inspired by other awesome projects.

If you are new to Google Cloud Platform, there is a free trial to try it out.




App Engine

Cloud Functions

  • Functions Framework - An open source set of libraries for writing portable Google Cloud functions.

  • Goblet - An open source library for serverless Python application development using Google Cloud functions.

Cloud Run

Kubernetes Engine

  • GKE Policy Automation - Tool and policy library for validating GKE clusters against configuration best practices.

  • Real-time Simon Says - If you have played the 70s handheld game "Simon" as a child, you know exactly what this is. There are example clients for the Web, IoT (arduino), Android, and command line. Built with gRPC for bidirectional streaming and Kubernetes for scalability.

  • Online Boutique - Sample gRPC-based web application that simulates an ecommerce store. It runs on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), is built of 11 microservices in 5 different languages, and showcases many other Google Cloud products.



  • Talisman - Provides easy security headers (HTTPS, HSTS, and CSP) for Flask applications.


  • Forseti - Scan your GCP resources to ensure that access controls are set as you intended and protected against unsafe changes.

Cloud AI

  • Google Cloud AI - Fast, large scale, and easy-to-use AI products and services.

Cloud Vision API

  • Bot for Facebook Messenger - This bot uses the Google Cloud Vision API to detect faces, labels, landmarks, logos, text, explicit content, and attributes in images that are sent to it.

Storage & Databases


Bazel, gRPC, Protocol Buffers

  • StartupOS - A monorepo with examples for using Google's Open Source tools and deploying to the cloud.

Big Data

  • Google Cloud Big Data - Efficiently capture, process, and analyze data with Google Cloud data analytics products.

Apache Beam & Dataflow

  • Dataflow Templates - Google-provided Cloud Dataflow template pipelines for solving simple in-Cloud data tasks.
  • Scio - A Scala API for Google Cloud Dataflow and Apache Beam.



  • Apache Zeppelin - Web-based notebook for interactive analytics, works with Google BigQuery.
  • Dekart - Geospatial analysis tool for Google BigQuery based on
  • SQLtools for BigQuery - VSCode Extension to run queries and explore databases.
  • BigQuery Utils - Useful scripts, udfs, views, and other utilities for migration and data warehouse operations in BigQuery.
  • Spark-BigQuery - Support for Google BigQuery in Apache Spark, SQL and DataFrames.


  • PSQ - Distributed task queue for Python inspired by rq using Google Cloud Pub/Sub.

Interactive Learning Resources

Other Awesome Lists

  • Awesome - The awesome for awesomes.
  • Awesome Firebase - List of Firebase talks, tools, examples & articles! Translations in Contributions welcome!
  • Awesome Go - A curated list of awesome Go frameworks, libraries and software.
  • Awesome Kubernetes - A curated list for awesome kubernetes sources .
  • Awesome TensorFlow - A curated list of dedicated resources.
  • Awesome GCP Certifications - A curated list of resources for learning about Google Cloud Platform certifications and how to prepare for it.
  • Awesome Cloud Build - A curated list of resources about all things Google Cloud Build.
  • Awesome Bigtable - Delightful list of Google Bigtable resources, packages and interesting finds.
  • Awesome Spanner - A curated list of awesome Google Cloud Spanner tools, libraries and more.

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This list is not an official Google product. Links on this list also are not necessarily to official Google products.


If you have found or built something awesome that uses Google Cloud Platform, please follow the instructions in to get it included here.

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