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Gatsby v2 WordPress Starter

This starter is forked from the gatsby-starter-netlify-cms and modified to use WordPress instead of netlify-cms, using the gatsby-source-wordpress plugin as the data connector.


Looking for maintainer: If you're interested in taking over the maintenance of this starter, please reach out in an issue. We're not working with Gatsby any more (it got way too complicated, hello nextjs), and so we're not maintaining this.

Use It Now

gatsby new NAME
  • Edit gatsby-config.js, change baseUrl
    • Make sure you have at least 1 post and 1 page on your WordPress site
    • Make sure at least 1 post has at least 1 tag
  • Ensure the permalink structure in your WordPress installation is set to Post Name instead of the deafult Plain, or else the gatsby-source-wordpress plugin won't be able to communicate with WordPress
  • Rejoice

Known Limitations

CSS Processing

This plugin uses gatsby-plugin-purgecss and bulma. The bulma build would otherwise be ~170K which adds 170K to each of your built HTML pages. However, with purgecss this is reduced 90%.

WordPress Setup

Check the gatsby-source-wordpress plugin for more information. If you want to copy the demo content, you can grab the WordPress XML export here and import it into your WordPress site as a starting point.


Please post support questions on StackOverflow or other similar sites. Please only post issues here if you have a bug to report with a reproduction. Unfortunately we're not able to provide support here.


This starter was forked from the netlify starter by the GatsbyCentral crew. Additional contributions were gratefully received from the following folks:

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