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MsfMania is a command line tool developed in Python that is designed to bypass antivirus software on Windows and Linux/Mac in the future. (Currently detected for the community version) alt text

alt text


PRO version


The PRO version of MsfMania is under active development. It is dedicated to freelance pentesters or corporate red-teamers but students can also acquire it.

Why buy the PRO version? Well, the community version was FUD in March but quickly became unusable due to the number of downloads on VirusTotal...

The PRO version is often updated and has a customer service.

The evades methods used in the PRO version are much more advanced than the community version.

These are designed to keep your backdoor undetected for a very long time. A simple persistent reverse shell generated by the PRO version can stay under the radar of AV/EDR for months.

The community version will never be updated again and the version still has several years of existence in the future.

Demo of MsfMania PE Loader -->

You want MsfMania PRO ? You can buy it here or you can contact me : G1ft3dC0d3 [a,t] protonmail [d,o,t] com

You can also join the Telegram group

PRO version features

  • FUD features of MsfMania public version
  • Undetected injection methods
  • Advanced evasion module
  • Remote PE Loader
  • Custom shellcode
  • Custom command
  • Advanced privilege escalation
  • Advanced persistence
  • Full interactive
  • User's manual
  • Customer support, Subscription to new versions, Customized request


  • Latest version of Kali Linux
  • The kali-rolling repository
  • Python3


  • Git clone this repository: git clone
  • cd into the MsfMania folder: cd MsfMania
  • Good pentest


python3 -h

Community version features

  • Polymorphic C/C++ source code.
  • x86/x64 staged/stageless windows payload meterpreter/shell.
  • Local & remote memory injection
  • XOR encryption.
  • Sandbox/Antivirus Evasion.
  • Junkcode.
  • Run as Administrator.
  • Executable customizable with an icon.
  • Cross-compiler MinGW.
  • Rar compression.
  • Metasploit auto config
  • Sign executable
  • UPX Packer


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