A simple Telegram ↔ IRC gateway.
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Matterbridge5,575153 days ago187May 09, 2022204apache-2.0Go
bridge between mattermost, IRC, gitter, xmpp, slack, discord, telegram, rocketchat, twitch, ssh-chat, zulip, whatsapp, keybase, matrix, microsoft teams, nextcloud, mumble, vk and more with REST API (mattermost not required!)
3 days ago78March 20, 202255gpl-3.0Go
A self-hosted archiving service integrated with Internet Archive,, IPFS and beyond.
Teleirc26713 years ago10November 17, 201779mitJavaScript
A simple Telegram ↔ IRC gateway.
25 days ago2November 22, 202125gpl-3.0Go
Go implementation of a Telegram <=> IRC bridge for use with any IRC channel and Telegram group
a year ago21September 25, 201710bsd-3-clauseHaskell
The paranoid bot (framework)
3 years ago3apache-2.0Python
Control Telegram user account with IRC
Awesome Sailfishos43
17 days ago3other
A curated list of awesome Sailfish OS resources
2 months ago1September 17, 20216bsd-3-clauseGo
IRC to Telegram relay
10 months ago1mitTypeScript
The Telecraft project monorepo. Pluggable Minecraft server bridge and administration tools.
Tg Irc Relay22
5 years ago4lgpl-3.0Python
Relay between Telegram groups and IRC channels.
Alternatives To Teleirc
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A simple Telegram ↔ IRC gateway.

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  • Supports multiple IRC channel ↔ Telegram group pairs
  • Telegram messages are always relayed to their respective IRC channel
  • IRC messages can be configured either to be relayed always, or only when the bot is hilighted via a configurable regexp
  • Supports Telegram media files, URL to file sent to IRC


On Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install libicu-dev

Quick start

Make sure you've installed Node.js.

  1. Install the teleirc npm module with npm install -g teleirc (might need sudo)
  2. Generate a default config using teleirc --genconfig NOTE: if this step fails, try mkdir ~/.teleirc and run the command again (FIXME).
  3. Set up your bot with BotFather
  4. Use the /setprivacy command with BotFather to allow your bot to see all messages in your group (NOTE on usage: bot name is preceded by @ sign and 'Disable' is case-sensitive)
  5. Edit the default config $EDITOR ~/.teleirc/config.js
  6. Run teleirc
  7. Invite your bot to any Telegram groups you've configured it for
  8. Greet your bot once on each of your Telegram groups 🎉! This is needed to fetch (and store!) an internally used group ID, making communication from IRC to the correct Telegram group possible.


  • For your convenience, there is an included systemd unit file: teleirc.service
  • You can change your Telegram Bot's profile picture with the /setuserpic BotFather command. Here's an example icon for you.
  • You can tell Telegram which commands the teleirc bot supports by using the /setcommands BotFather command. You may copy-paste the contents of commands.txt to show all supported commands to Telegram clients.
  • Instead of enabling the HTTP server for serving sent media files, photo files sent to the groups can be uploaded to Imgur. See the README for Imgur for more information.


  1. Check your system clock. By default if a Telegram message's timestamp is older than one minute compared to your system clock, the message is skipped. You can configure this behaviour via config.maxMsgAge.
  2. Make sure your Telegram group's name and IRC channel has been entered correctly in your config (case sensitive!)
  3. Run with verbose flags to see more output: teleirc -vvv


See for developer info

Docker install

See the README for Docker

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