Blinka makes her debut on the big screen! With this library you can use CircuitPython displayio code on PC and Raspberry Pi to output to a PyGame window instead of a hardware display connected to I2C or SPI. This makes it easy to to use displayio elements on HDMI and other large format screens.
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
2 months ago39September 21, 2023521otherGo
Go compiler for small places. Microcontrollers, WebAssembly (WASM/WASI), and command-line tools. Based on LLVM.
Johnny Five13,2501,7241779 months ago300July 06, 202157otherJavaScript
JavaScript Robotics and IoT programming framework, developed at Bocoup.
6 months ago53mitC
OpenMV Camera Module
Esp8266 Oled Ssd13061,919
6 months ago20otherC
Driver for the SSD1306 and SH1106 based 128x64, 128x32, 64x48 pixel OLED display running on ESP8266/ESP32
Periph1,7361112 years ago30May 29, 202242apache-2.0Go
Mraa1,35012074 months ago5September 07, 2018188mitC
Linux Library for low speed IO Communication in C with bindings for C++, Python, Node.js & Java. Supports generic io platforms, as well as Intel Edison, Intel Joule, Raspberry Pi and many more.
8 months ago6June 04, 202251otherC
A Simple cross-platform library for communicating with HID devices
198 months agoJune 10, 202130mitSwift
A Swift library for hardware projects on Linux/ARM boards with support for GPIOs/SPI/I2C/PWM/UART/1Wire.
Rppal1,02223886 months ago27December 10, 202327mitRust
A Rust library that provides access to the Raspberry Pi's GPIO, I2C, PWM, SPI and UART peripherals.
Ttgo T Display824
a year ago65mitC
Alternatives To Blinka_displayio_pygamedisplay
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